What Happened To Kandi Kisky? Is She Sick – Her Illness Explored

Kandi Kisky illness has made people wonder what happened to her health condition. She has been hunting for a long time with her husband Don. 

Kinky Productions is Kandi’s and her husband Don’s joint venture. When Kandi met Don in 1990, she began hunting.

Since that terrible day, Kinky has taken countless huge dollars, with her best five grossing more than 160 B&C apiece, the highest being 188.

Kandi Kisky Illness – Is She Sick? 

Kandi Kisky illness has not affected her workaholic spirit, she might be a little affliction with a minor ailment 

There is no mention of Kandy’s condition on social media or the internet. Her primary disease has never been documented.

People assume that because Kisky is a hunter, she will be harmed, sick, or unwell, but no one knows her condition.

The lady is an unflappable huntress. Hunter must maintain his physical fitness.

That is why she eats a well-balanced diet suitable for her body.

Kandi Kisky Health Update

Kandi Kisky is perfectly fine nowadays. 

The Kiskys own and manage a profitable agricultural enterprise in southern Iowa, which gives them a personal connection to the land and the animals they hunt.

They have shared their best hunts with television audiences and magazine readers for over two decades, with a slew of Boone & Crockett bucks to their credit.

Don and Kandi are both well-known and well-respected Pro Staffers for a number of the industry’s most prominent companies.

Kandi Kisky Husband Don Kisky – Is She Married? 

Kandi Kisky is married to her husband, Don Kisky. 

Don and Kandi Kisky are two of the most well-known whitetail hunters and outdoor celebrities.

Don and Kandi have over 35 years of combined experience hunting record-book whitetails across North America as co-hosts of the top-rated Whitetail Freaks television show and owners of Kisky Productions.

Don and Kandi are, without a doubt, two of the best whitetail strategists in the country, and their famous programs and DVDs educate and delight numerous whitetail fans.

They may be seen setting feeding plots, shed hunting, monitoring trail cameras, spending uncountable hours behind a spotting scope, and methodically charting trophy bucks and their movements when they’re not in a treestand.

Kandi and Don work as farmers and like the uncomplicated family life that comes with being in Iowa.

Kandi and Don have a son, Kaleb, who has his parents’ passion for the outdoors and is an experienced hunter.

Kaylee, their gorgeous daughter, is also part of the family.

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