Why should brand marketing be younger in modern society?

Some people say that some beverages with many years of history still give people a sense of trend that is very eye-catching. Everyone says that this is because the brand is relatively young, although the trend of young people is always changing. For marketers, it is necessary to accept changes in routines and ideas.

Although this matter is relatively controversial, there is a phenomenon that cannot be avoided. Various brand owners are paying more and more attention to the brand and must be younger, hoping to capture more young people through this younger operation. consumer group. Obviously, this matter is definitely not idle and idle, let us throw away these prejudices and talk about why brands need to be rejuvenated?

1. The internal logic of brand rejuvenation

What we call the younger generation of the brand means that the purchasing power of young consumers is getting stronger and stronger, so the creation of the brand must cater to some of the hobbies of such consumers. That is not entirely true. All products are It must focus on young consumers. In terms of certain purchasing power, young consumers still have to outperform middle-aged consumers. I think there are three main reasons.

1). Young people are more active and easy to create influence

As a brand, your target users may not be entirely young people, but young people now are the dominant players of the era, who can create topics and make some impact. Under these influences, if young people say they don’t like it, then your brand will not do too well. They are very insightful about the brand’s ideas. So if young people don’t have any favorable impressions of your brand, then your brand will not survive for too long, and will fall into public opinion like a time bomb.

2). The life cycle of the product must be extended

We can take Coca-Cola as a case. Everyone knows that the consumer group of this drink is all people, even the elderly will like to drink it. If your consumers are getting younger and younger, the life cycle of the products you produce will be longer and longer. Then if the consumer is over 20 years old and likes this drink, it may not be in the future. Keep choosing this kind of thing.

3.) Improve visibility and strengthen brand value

But everyone has this idea. If you don’t choose today, I don’t mean that you won’t choose this product tomorrow. So any potential customer is your target user. The most typical ones might be cars and some luxury goods. Now, whether you buy it or not, you know what is more high-end and what is the top brand. Therefore, brand rejuvenation is the only way to strengthen brand value, just like some e-commerce platforms, which can recommend different products for different users to meet the needs of different groups of people.

2. Several major strategies for brand rejuvenation

Why do people think that there are some bad opinions about the essence? Because many people think that this kind of brand rejuvenation is just to make some changes. Are all equipped with some special ads and special ghosts, just to cater to the attention of young people, but we will find that this kind of brand rejuvenation will It has caused a lot of loss of some old users. They don’t like this type of advertisement. They must be more serious in product updates.

For example, the Li-Ning brand we call, captured the mentality of some young consumers, and specifically created the Li-Ning belief of a young consumer, but did not gain the recognition of these consumers, and offended some older users in the past. Then the brand has fallen into a super awkward state. In the later period, through the development of the Guochao series, it regained everyone’s recognition. Because it is relatively high-end fashion trend, everyone will choose this brand.

In fact, creativity is very important, but don’t go against your own ideas and some values. A large number of advertisements will cause the aesthetic fatigue of these users, and he will no longer choose this brand. So if it is just to blindly follow the trend and not get any kind of customers, we have to consider whether this style is consistent with our brand philosophy. Only by grasping the mentality of these core users can we expand some boundary users.

Although the difference between these two groups is not small, there must be some mutual existence, and these mutual existence is the reason why everyone chooses this brand. Finally, I think marketing is a long-term thing. It is definitely not a one-shot deal that can be settled. Therefore, brand rejuvenation must be a particularly long-term battle, not a short definition.

3. Any brand will face the threshold

In fact, have you ever thought about this problem? To a large extent, there are differences in the preferences of some consumers. For example, for some excellent brands, many consumers are constantly comparing them, so there is no way to avoid the problem of brands becoming younger. We must reject this change in the form of doctrine, but personally meet the real needs of consumers, make the brand more independent and cater to the preferences of young people, but this does not mean that we must lose the connotation of the brand.

Finally, what needs to be emphasized here is that we must not let go of some details, because the core of brand rejuvenation is to truly reform the brand, so the spirit and temperament he follows cannot be lost at any time, so the brand Rejuvenation is something that must be reformed.

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