Why is your face dry when the autumn wind blows? Hydrate it

In autumn, dry facial skin will not only cause tightness, but also cause skin peeling, redness, and dryness.

Excessive makeup, dry wind, and excessive sun exposure are all important causes of dry facial skin in autumn. So how to moisturize the skin at this time?

How to moisturize the skin

1. Guarantee 8 glasses of water per day

If the body lacks water , the skin will naturally become peeled and dull, so the most fundamental thing is to drink enough water for the body. In addition to guaranteeing 8 glasses of water a day, you can also change the taste by drinking fruit juice, vegetable juice, tea, soy milk , milk, etc. In addition, Chris believes that foods that nourish yin and dryness in autumn are indispensable, such as lily, white fungus , yam , honey, etc. It is a good choice to cook soup or make sugar water.

2. Sufficient sleep time

With autumn dryness, and autumn lack, I feel that I don’t get enough sleep every day. At this time, high-quality and adequate sleep time is incomparable. You must sleep beautifully to make your skin moisturized and tender.

3. Minimize skin exposure

In the windy autumn, it is best to avoid the skin being blown directly by the wind, especially the sensitive skin on the face and neck. You don’t want skin on your face and neck wrinkles, but you should pay attention to sun protection. Maybe some people think that the autumn sun is warm, so they don’t need sunscreen. Chris tells everyone that this approach is quite wrong. The ultraviolet rays in the sun in autumn are still very strong. Some people have umbrellas and sunscreen in summer. They don’t get very dark in summer, but they get tanned in autumn because they don’t pay attention to sun protection in autumn.

4. Skin care products hydrate

In addition to the above-mentioned daily hydrating methods , it is also very important to use skin care products to hydrate. Here is the fastest way to replenish water and lock in water.

Mask moisturizing:

Facial mask moisturizing is definitely the most convenient and fastest way. Spray a few times a day, and make-up water at least twice in the morning and evening, and just apply one mask before bed. It can be said that the facial mask has always been the skin’s hydrating artifact.

Moisturizing cream:

Simply moisturizing the skin can temporarily moisturize the skin, but due to the dry and windy autumn, the moisture on the face is easy to evaporate. Therefore, no matter how good the hydration is, it is useless if the water is not locked. To lock the skin’s moisture, you must rely on “oil”, don’t think that the cream is too oily and you don’t want to use it. Facial cream can help the skin form a thin layer of oil while hydrating, and lock in moisture.

For choosing moisturizing products, the most important point is to respect your skin’s feelings and judge by actual use.

1. Look at the ingredients

When choosing a lotion or facial mask, if some polyols are added to the ingredients, that is, alcohols with two or more hydroxyl groups in the molecule, such as glycerol and sorbitol, they can reduce the evaporation of water and have a better moisturizing effect.

2. Look at the type

The moisturizing effect of the product, generally speaking, gels and essences are relatively refreshing, while lotions or creams are more moisturizing. Refreshing skin care products are more suitable for oily, mixed, and teenage skin, while moisturizing products are more suitable for dry and mature skin. However, you should choose according to the actual situation. The most important thing to buy skin care products is to meet your own skin demands.

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