Who is Warhammer Player Kerriss Brown? Henry Cavill Reaction On Graham Norton Show

Kerriss Brown is a full-time Warhammer streamer on the popular computer games streaming platform Twitch, she has been trending on the internet after Henry Cavill’s reaction on the Graham Norton show. 

Graham Norton could not control his laughter when the superman Henry Cavill described the videogame Warhammer. It is a fantasy war game where you can paint miniature figures, and have them battle each other.

There are lots of complex rules and variations of the game, and battles can go on for a number of hours. But Norton extended his comment as “You do fly your nerd flag with pride” according to BBC. 

Let us learn more about Kerriss Brown and take a close look at her age and real name. 

Twitch: Who is Warhammer Player Kerriss Brown?

Kerriss Brown is among people who play Warhammer as their full-time job and stream the game on their Twitch channel. 

With her being a full-time Warhammer player, she is not new to the surprises and sense of mocking from the people who are unfamiliar with the game. Recent events of Henry Cavill and Graham Norton sparked similar outbursts. 

After Brown quit her job as a retailer and started her journey into the fantasy world of war in Warhammer, she was not always understood. She recalls being subjected to, “For some people, they question why we would be so proud of a tiny miniature model.”

However, while the people have their own feeling towards the game, Kerriss says, it is a way to be completely immersed in another world.

Information about her personal life has not come to the surface yet, she has remained fairly away from the real world as she explores the fantasy with her miniature characters in Warhammer. 

What Is Kerriss Brown Age?

Twitch streamer Kerriss Brown’s age could be around 25-30 years old, judging by her images. 

However, the actual age of the Warhammer player Brown remains a mystery for the internet or her fan as of now. 

Brown has worked in the retail sector in the past as well but has found her passion as well as a way to pay the bill from the game streaming at an early age. 

Much information about her hometown or her place of birth has also not come to the surface as of writing this article, but that does not mean we will not update our viewers when the new information comes to light. 

Kerriss Brown Real Name And Face Revealed

Kerriss Brown’s real name is Kerriss Brown, but on contrary to other web stars, her moniker is not known yet. 

She has already revealed her face to her fans and followers as Brown is not among the streamers to showcase their gameplay from behind the scene. 

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