Who is Scott Yenor Wife Amy Yenor? BSU Professor Offensive And Sexist Statement Blowing The Internet

BSU Professor Scott Yenor is facing heavy backlashes after he gave controversial comments at the National Conservation Conference. Get to know more about the professional including, his wife Amy Yenor in this article.

Hundreds of people gathered at Boise State University to protest following the comments made at the National Conservation Conference by Professor Scott Yenor.

Professional Yenor said men should be given priorities for study in fields such as engineering, law, and medicine. 

The video received massive attention on social media and the professor is facing heavy criticism and backlashes following his disparaging remarks.

Who Is Scott Yenor? Meet His Wife Amy Yenor

Scott Yenor is a Professor at Boise State University and teaches Political Philosophy. He is also an author and has written articles on David Humane and the Scottish Enlightenment, literature, politics, presidential power, and several other topics.

Yenor completed his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1993 and earned his Ph.D. from Loyola University, Chicago in 2000.

He is active on Twitter where his username is @scottyenor. The professor recently joined the platform in April 2021 and has shared 91 tweets so far.

Scott Yenor’s wife is Amy Yenor. The couple lives in Meridian, Idaho with their five children. 

We hope to update further details as soon as possible.

BSU Professor Scott Yenor made a controversial statement at the National Conservation Conference which has drawn a lot of attention. He is currently facing a heavy backlash as hundreds of people gathered at the campus to protest his statements.

Here is Professor Yenor’s full speech.

Boise State University has clarified that Yenor’s comments are his ideas and no single faculty member endorses or stands for his words. 

Professor Yenor has denied any discrimination against women in the classroom. He has responded to the outrage following his comments in a video.

More details are coming up on the case. We hope to update you as soon as possible.


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