Who Is Pope Francis? Everything To Know About

Is Pope Francis Dying? has been the most frequently searched question since his recent fall while stepping up the plane. Continue reading the article to get more health updates on the holy father.

The 84-year-old Pope visited the Greek island of Lesbos as part of a trip to Greece and Cyprus. The purpose of his visit was to comfort the immigrants and highlight the difficulties they have faced.

However, as he was leaving the island, Pope Francis fell up the steps of his plane. This has sparked widespread concern about the health of the holy father worldwide.

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Is Pope Francis Dying?

Though there has been some rumor that Pope Francis is dying, let’s not accept that without an official announcement. However, his health condition has never been the same since his colon surgery in July 2021. 

Moreover, based on his three-day visit to Greek Island on December 5, 2021, he appears to be in better health than previously assumed.

He went there on Sunday to reassure migrants at a refugee center and to condemn Europe’s “insensitivity and self-interest” in “condemning to death those on the margins.”

Despite his health issues, he never flinches to serve people. 

During his flight from Athens to Rome, he held an in-flight conference where he addressed the resignation of the Archbishop of Paris, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, the EU Commission, and other topics.

Pope Francis Sick and Illness Report Till 2021

Pope Francis was hospitalized on July 4, 2021, for colon surgery. After 11 days of his successful surgery, he returned to Vatican city. 

In addition to his colon surgery, he also had lung surgery when he was only 21. He revealed his illness while assuring the corona patients in 2020. 

“I know what it’s like to be sick with coronavirus and struggling to breathe while hooked up to a ventilator,” he said.

Francis was a second-year seminarian in his hometown of Buenos Aires when he was admitted to the hospital with an illness confused with influenza.

“I was stuck in between life and death,” he explained. The doctors had to remove more than a liter of fluid from his right lung before performing surgery to remove the upper lobe of his lungs.

He thanked his nurse for saving his life by giving the extra dosed of penicillin and streptomycin without the doctor’s knowledge. 

Since then, he has always had trouble climbing the stairs and walking a long distance. 

What Is Pope Francis Health Condition?

The holy father was hospitalized in Gemelli Hospital located in Rome on July 4, 2021, due to being diagnosed with Diverticula.

Father decided to enter the hospital by uttering the Angelus from the Papal Study window. He was accompanied by an Italian nurse, Massimiliano Strapetti, who helped survive the father. 

In the surgery, doctors removed 33 centimeters of his colon. According to his brother, he is fine and on his way to an everyday life where he can eat anything.

We pray for his better health condition and speedy recovery. 

Pope Francis Doesn’t Have A Wife Or Daughter.

Pope Francis, known as Holy Father, is not married to anyone as of 2021. The father considers the Catholic Church his family, and he gets the same respect and relation from his followers in the church.

The family members of the old Holy father have already left the world except for his one living sibling, Maria Elena Bergoglio. She is 73 years of age currently living in Argentina.

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