Who Is Kim Norvell? Jay Norvell Wife -Everything On Her Children And More

Kim Norvell is the wife of renowned American Football Coach Jay Norvell. She has been behind Jay in his every achievement and success.

Kim Norvell has surmounted so many difficulties and pains in her life that she is the epitome of perseverance and optimism. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and later also fought colon cancer. She fights with her diseases regularly.

Kim has been moving across many places in the United States with her husband due to his job. Kim never allowed her difficulties to put obstacles in her husband’s journey.

Who Is Kim Norvell?

Kim Norvell is the wife of the Colorado State University football team Colorado State Rams Football’s coach. She was born in 1968 in Madison, Wisconsin. She is 53 years old. Her parents are Bod Fehrman and Delores Fehrman

When she was born, she was discharged as a perfectly healthy baby. However, after six months, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. This was a deadly disease, and only a few ever made it past six months at that time. She is a prime example of an exception.

Not only did she beat the odd, but she also finished high school and enrolled at the University of Wisconsin. During her school days, in 1991, She met her love of life, Jay Norvell, a young assistant coach of high school. After six years of that, they married. The couple has one son, Jaden Norvell, who is 22 years old.

Since cystic fibrosis is a chronic disease, it never goes away, so she struggles every day.

Kim Norvell Net Worth

Since Kim Norvell is married to one of the most successful football coaches in the United States, Her net worth and her husband easily cross the mark of $ 1 million.

The majority of Kim’s worth comes from her husband. Her husband, Jay Norvell, was offered by Colorado State a whopping $1.5 million to join their football team. Before Colorado, her husband was in Nevada; he was paid more than 600,000 dollars a year there.

The high income of her husband has allowed her to live a very comfortable life financially. However, her disease poses problems for her time and again.

In 2007, during routine colonoscopy, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. That time was devasting to her. However, she stayed strong and overcame cancer after removing part of her colon.

Her husband considers her a hero because she has been through so much in life, but she still manages her family and encourages him to achieve more success. Jay also gives her credit for his success.

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