Who Is James Gardner Hopkins? Russell McVeagh Partner Admits Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour

James Gardner Hopkins was one of the partners in the New Zealand Law Firm Russel McVeagh, whose wiki and age are revealed below. 

James Gardner Hopkins is a professional lawyer and one of the former partners of the New Zealand Law firm Russel McVeagh. 

James Gardner is now going through a difficult time as there are many allegations against him revealing him as a sexual abuser. 

James Gardner-Hopkins was found guilty of six misconduct allegations by the Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal earlier this year.

Who Is James Gardner Hopkins? Russell McVeagh Partner Age & Wiki

James Gardner Hopkins is a professional lawyer and a former partner with the New Zealand law firm Russel McVeagh.

He was known as the star lawyer in New Zealand. 

Though James is not a media person, he is currently on every headline as his allegations have taken a different turn. 

For now, James is not working anywhere and is busy defending his career. 

James Hopkins has been accused of being a part of the #meetoo movement in a couple of instances.

But most of the new publications have said that James’s career is destroyed as he is now punished by the Law. 

Talking about his age, he is expected to be around 40-50 years old. 

His exact date of birth is not yet been revealed in the media, but he is a man who is into his 40s now. 

Who Is James Gardner Hopkins Wife? 

James Gardner Hopkins has kept silent about who is his wife, and his married life. 

The relationship status of James Gardner-Hopkins is still unclear. There is no information about his marriage, and he is very tight-lipped about it.

Furthermore, there is no information regarding his previous affiliations. It looks that James is still single and hasn’t married.

James Gardner Hopkins Allegations And Case Update On Reddit

The tribunal reconvened on Thursday, led by Judge Dale Clarkson, to determine Gardner-Hopkins’ punishment.

For the first time, the lawyer admitted to the sexually improper behavior, the case update on the 9th of December found James guilty. 

In June of this year, James Gardner Hopkins was found guilty of six counts of misbehavior, including molesting young summer interns.

The case is seen as pivotal in the #MeToo movement’s inception in New Zealand in 2018.

When the lawyer was located in Wellington in 2015, the majority of the complaints stemmed from improper sexual behavior at two Christmas gatherings.

He’s now in counseling, and while he does have a drink or two with his girlfriend, he claims he’s not out “on the town” binge drinking.

For now, he is now in counseling and is punished by the court and law. 

James has been now censured by the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal. 

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