Who Is Helen Ball? Everything To Know About Cressida Dick Partner

Senior British police officer Cressida Dick partner Helen Ball apologized on behalf of the Metropolitan Police for two former Police who took inappropriate photographs at the scene of a double murder. 

Helen Ball and Cressida Dick have been together for quite some time. It’s been revealed that they have been romantically involved for eight years.

They currently live together. They are both in the same profession, which neither feel is healthy in a relationship to talk about their line of work to one another. 

Who Is Cressida Dick Partner Helen Ball? Wiki Details Mentioned

Helen Ball is a senior British Police Officer who is currently serving her post in the Metropolitan Police Service as an Assistant Commissioner for Professionalism. She was appointed to this role in the year 2017. 

She has been attached to Cressida Dick romantically for the better part of the past decade. She is the eldest of six children where four are adopted from different ethnic backgrounds. Perhaps this is why she became a police officer as she had looked out for and protected people all her life, so it felt natural to her. 

She first became a police officer in 1987 as a part of the Metropolitan Police. In 2007, she rose in the ranks as Operational Command Unit Commander.

She was with them until the year 2010 where she then transferred to Thames Valley Police to become Assistant Chief Constable. She remained there for only two years.

She returned to the Metropolitan Police as Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Territorial Policing. Currently, she is a trustee of Police Now, a government-funded charity. 

Helen Ball Age And Instagram

Helen Ball is currently 60 years of age. She was born in 1961 April. 

She does not have an Instagram account, and she seems to stay away from social media. Her partner Cressida Dick is also in her early 60s at 61. 

Cressida is the first female and the first openly homosexual officer to lead the Metropolitan Police Service in London. However, she is currently surrounded by controversy regarding the Sarah Everard murder case. 

Moreover, Cressida is being called out for not investigating the Downing Party last Christmas held by Boris Johnson. Many have taken to Twitter to force her to resign, saying that she has “absolutely blown public trust.”

Helen Ball And Cressida Dick – Are They Married?

Helen Ball and Cressida Dick are not married.

However, the eight years of relationship is going quite strong. Although the two have not revealed their plans to the public, there may be a marriage in the future. 

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