Who Is Architect Julie Stout? Meet The New Zealand Artist Making The News

Julie Stout, age 63, is an experienced architect and a wonderful woman. Know everything about the architect in the article below.

Julie Stout, age 63, is an architect based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a very generous woman with a humble personality. 

She is well known for the extraordinarily designed buildings and urban planning, which are her field of expertise.

Along with being an architect, she is a great person to work with and spend time together. She has been actively working in the architect field since 1989, after becoming a registered architect.

Apart from her professional life, only a trace amount of personal details can be discovered on the internet.

Julie Stout Age As Of 2021

Julie Stout age is around the sixties. She was born on May 3, 1958, in Palmerston North, New Zealand, and 63 years old as of 2021. Julie’s father was a draughtsman and deer culler.

She spent most of her childhood learning the skills and discovering her interest. She had a keen interest in crafting and designing from an early age, which ultimately paved her way to be a professional architect. 

The 63-year-old architect attended the Palmerston North’s girls school and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the prestigious University of Auckland in 1984.

She became a registered architect in 1989 and commenced her career as a professional architect. As of 2021, she has gained over 35 years of experience in her field.

Julie Stout Wikipedia Details Uncovered

Julie Stout is currently scarce of a Wikipedia page, jotting down details about herself. Still, many news portals and websites are concerned to know more about her and bring her details among the audiences.

The 63-year-old Stout has been an architect, urbanist, and activist for 35 years.

She stepped into her professional career by working alongside the NZIA Gold medalist Marshall Cook and has designed award-winning residential buildings, schools, art galleries, and many other urban design projects.

In 1989 she co-founded Mitchell and Stout’s Architect with her colleague and real-life partner David Mitchell.

She was also awarded Chrystall Award for Excellence in Architecture from Architecture + Women NZ in 2014.

She is presently a Professional Urban design advocate at the University of Auckland and was honoured with a Distinguished Fellowship of the NZIA in 2017.

Julie Stout Partner Revealed

Julie Stout was in a relationship with the architect David Mitchell, her professional partner. The duo co-founded “Mitchell and Stout’s architect” in 1989.

The couple has designed many award-winning residential and public buildings.

Davis was born on March 8 1941, in New Zealand. He had an enormous contribution to the field of architect; he was rewarded with the gold medal by the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) in 2005.

The couple co-curated “Last, Loneliest, Loveliest,” New Zealand’s premier exhibition at the 2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture on the interrelationship of Pacific and European architecture. 

Mitchell passed away on April 26 2018, at the age of 77, due to prostate cancer.

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