Where Is Tambu Makinzi Now? The Woman With No Face Dead Or Still Alive -Details To Know

Where is Tambu Makinzi now? Know if the woman who suffered from rare facial bone cancer is still alive or dead.

Tambu Makinzi is a regular woman from Zimbabwe who suffered from a rare form of bone cancer.

The Cancer, called Chondrosarcoma, caused the cartilage in her face to grow out of control.

She first came across the symptoms when she used to get regular headaches between intervals, reports Metro.

A few weeks later, her face started to swell, eventually to the point where her left eye became completely useless while she also lost some sense of smell.

Makinzi’s situation was shown by Channel 5 and Netflix in an attempt to help her by removing the tumor on her face.

The documentary received a pretty good response from the public and a good amount of money was also raised for the surgery.

Now people wonder if she is still alive or dead as they are curious about her present situation.

Where Is Tambu Makinzi Now? The Woman With No Face Dead or Still Alive- Update

Tambu Makinzi might be in her home country at this time but there are rumors that the woman is dead.

Many people on social media think that The Lady With No face, Tambu, is no more.

The Channel 5 show ended with the woman receiving a 35-hour long surgery and successfully removing the tumor.

She has not been reported by the media since then so her actual whereabouts are actually unknown.

Nevertheless, it is thought that Makinzi is still living since the news sources have not reported about her demise.

On the flip side, there is also a possibility that the mother of one later passed away due to any side effects or related complications.

As things stand, due to the lack of any conclusive information, we believed that Tambu Makinzi is still alive.

How Old Is Tambu Makinzi?

Tambu Makinzi is around the age of 33 years old.

She was reported as a 27-year-old mother by the show in 2015.

From this information, we can guess that the woman is probably in her early thirties at the moment, considering that she is alive.

As a teenager and a growing person, Makinzin was a beauty queen and used to work as a model.

Where Is Tambu Makinzi From?

The Woman With No face, Tambu Makinzi is from cape Town, Zimbabwe.

The African woman came all the way to the United States for receiving treatment when the documentary was being filmed.

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