What is the weight loss diet plan?

7:00 Breakfast

What to eat: porridge, milk, eggs.

Reasons: Cereals provide essential carbohydrates, porridge or porridge is easy to digest; milk eggs are a supplement to protein, milk can also be replaced with orange juice, supplementation of vitamin C makes the morning spirit better.

9:00 plus meal

What to eat: Half an apple.

Reason: Apple is a low-calorie crude fiber fruit that helps eliminate hunger. Because it was close to lunch time, half an apple was enough.

11:30 Lunch

What to eat: rice (70g), fish (100g), shrimp (80g), vegetables (100g).

Reasons: Fish and shrimp are high-protein, low-calorie foods. While vegetables provide satiety, rich dietary fiber helps digestion. By the 4th week, the rice needs to be removed.

15:00 plus meals

What to eat: Black coffee (350ml) + whole wheat bread (2 slices) or a banana

Reasons: Black coffee is good for heart function and does not contain fat. It is a rare drink in rapid weight loss training. It should be noted that if you choose whole wheat bread with coffee, you should avoid eating bananas. The combination of coffee and banana is a big burden for the digestive system.

17:30 Dinner

Assorted clear fat salad

Ingredients: lettuce, cucumber, broccoli/broccoli, salmon, boiled chicken breast, and a few peas.

Method: Add vinegar or oil and vinegar juice and mix together, do not use salad dressing, the heat is too high.

Reasons: A assorted clear fat salad can fully satisfy the nutritional intake of a dinner, and can be used as a dinner option to adjust the taste. Note that the intake of each meal should be seven percent full. Do not add cooking oil to all ingredients, cooking, steaming and stewing are the best ways.

21:00 supper

What to eat: Low-calorie fruit.

Reasons: Friends who are used to going to bed late should not put a burden on the stomach before going to bed, and low-calorie fruits are the best guarantee for nutrition and satiety.

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