Turkey and Azerbaijan Received Fierce Reprisals, Armenia Went On Fire, and The War Began To Get Out Of Control

The large-scale firefight between Armenia and Azerbaijan once more escalated. the 2 sides began to use long-range rockets round the other’s important cities and towns and commenced to bombard one another . The deadly conflict within the area began to escalate. The Armenian military reported that Azerbaijan and Turkey used long-range rockets to bomb the Nagorno-Karabakh recovery Stepanakert. The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan accused Armenian forces of shelling. Agdam area.

In the past few days, I even have been very worried about the utilization of long-range rockets by Turkey and Azerbaijan. After bombing Armenian cities and towns, after Armenian WM-80 273mm and “Tornado” 300mm long-range rockets, Turkey and Azerbaijan began to use them and commenced to accuse Armenia of attacking civilians. , Violated the Geneva Treaty, but still kept silent about his own violence. Karabakh “President” stated that the Azerbaijani and Turkish forces used “Polonez” and “Tornado” rockets to attack civilians in Stepanakert. From now on, the targets of the Armenian Defence Forces became tens of thousands of targets in large cities in Azerbaijan. He warned Azerbaijanis to go away these cities to avoid death.

armenia and azerbaijan war
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At an equivalent time,journalist Alan Caval and photographer Rafael Yagbuzad were taken to Stephen Nakert Hospital and operated there. French journalists were evacuated to Yerevan within the morning. Armenia reported that the 2 men are going to be taken to Paris.

“They left for Armenia International Airport on the morning of October 4th, “then state the extent of the losses within the fighting in the week .” When the town was attacked, they were with several French, Armenians and other reporters.” The report quoted regional peace monitor Atak Beglayan as saying that four civilians were killed and 11 others were injured within the shelling.

Armenia and Azerbaijan were locked within the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict for many years , where the war broke call at the first 1990s and didn’t end until 1994. This theater includes an enclave covering 4,400 square kilometers (1,700 square miles) within the Caucasus , about the dimensions of the US state of Delaware, and 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the border of Armenia.

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