shocked! The weight loss society does not rebound

We believe that many girls struggling to lose weight on this path of no return have such an experience, losing weight fast and regaining weight faster. People who often wander between fat and thin are called “YOYO SYNDROME” (yoyo syndrome) in nutrition . 

This sudden “yo-yo effect” makes weight cycling a weight loss nightmare for many people and makes it more difficult to implement future weight loss programs. But how to find a better way to lose weight to minimize our pain and avoid this “yo-yo effect”?

How to stop the rebound?

Muscle consumes energy faster than fat, and its metabolic amount is eight times that of fat, that is, the more muscle tissue, the more calories it can consume. So most of the thin people who are not fat are actually the reason why there is more muscle tissue than fat in the body.

Will muscle training become a female man?

In fact, you don’t have to worry, because it takes quite rigorous exercise to develop well-developed muscles. A little exercise will definitely not immediately build muscles. Because the secretion of male hormones that promote muscle development in women is less. 

Women muscles, it can become so well-proportioned body, close to the ballet actress and artistic gymnasts. If you feel that the muscles are long enough, you can appropriately reduce the amount of exercise. In order to maintain body shape, it can be replaced once a week.

Where is the best muscle to exercise?

For girls who only want to keep in shape, they do not need to build muscles all over the body. They only need to focus on shaping the muscles that are beneficial to the lines of the female body, such as the pectoral muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles, gluteus minor muscles, and calf triceps. , Thigh muscles.

When is the best time to exercise?

It is best to do it before noon, which can improve the effect of metabolism and weight loss . Compared with the afternoon, the benefits before the noon are greater. Because after the end of muscle exercise , it can continue to maintain a state of increased metabolism for a period of time. 

If you exercise before noon, the metabolism can be improved for a whole day, the corresponding calories are consumed, and then play a weight-loss effect.

Home muscle training tips:

1. Exercise abdominal muscles

– Supine curl

Lie down on the floor and gently raise your knees so as not to hurt your waist . Straighten your hands and gently raise your upper body to show yourself where the navel is. Willpower is concentrated on the abdomen, holding this action for 10-15 seconds. The action needs to be repeated 10 times.


It is important to lift the scapula of the back strongly.

Lift your legs up and put them down

Sit in a chair, straighten your knees , and keep your legs parallel to the ground. When lowering your legs, keep your feet off the ground and stop at a height that almost touches the ground. After the leg is lifted and then put down, the exercise needs to be repeated 10 times.


Focus on the abdomen when doing movements. Hold the back of the chair firmly with both hands to keep the upper body fixed, so that the movement will be easier.

2. Exercise leg muscles

– Bend your knees on one foot, then straighten

Stand on one foot with hands on the wall. Slowly bend your knee to 90 degrees, and then straighten it. This exercise of bending the knee and straightening iteratively repeats 10 times for each leg.


Concentrate on the thighs and calves, bend your knees slowly, and then straighten.

– Use your toes to go up the stairs

When walking up stairs at subway stations or companies, just use your toes to climb the stairs.


Be careful not to slip, step on your toes on the stairs, and then go up quickly.

3. Exercise your back muscles

– Lift your upper body back

Open your feet, put your hands behind your head, raise your arms to the side of your head, and slowly press your hips in this position . This action needs to be repeated 10 times.


Concentrate on the movements of your back, don’t bow your waist, when doing movements, you can lean your upper body back slightly. Let the shoulder blades on both sides lean towards the middle and lift the chest to do the movement, the movement will be easier.

Lift the table

Sitting on a chair, facing the table, make a gesture as if to lift the table with both hands, and keep it in this position for 15 seconds. Place your feet under the feet of the table and step on it firmly to press down the table. This action needs to be repeated 10 times.


Move the chair closer to the table and lift the table with both hands. If the chair and the table are separated, it is more to exercise the arm rather than the back muscles .

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