The Difference Between Cleansing Cream and Cleansing Gel

We all know that there are many kinds of cleansing products on the market . Different types of cleansing products are suitable for different replication groups and have different cleaning effects. Cleansing is a very important step in our daily skin care. The texture of cleansing cream and cleansing gel are very different.

The difference between cleansing cream and cleansing gel

In fact, the biggest difference is that the texture is different. Under normal circumstances, cleansing gels are targeted for dry (oily) skin. In fact, the difference between the two is not too big. It is just relative to cleansing cream. It is more gentle, and there is no strong feeling of tightness after washing. This is an advantage~ For non-oily sensitive skin, it is recommended to use products that suit your skin type.

Cleansing cream: cream-like, for oily skin. The cleaning power is great and not gentle.

Cleanser gel: gel-like, for sensitive skin or dry (oily) skin. The cleaning power is small, but very gentle.

Here, dry oily skin will be put together to say, because, fundamentally speaking, these two skin types are dehydrated in the final analysis, it is just a matter of how much oil is secreted.

Facial cleanser is better?

Generally speaking, the more foam, the stronger the cleaning power, and the better the degreasing effect. Therefore, from the perspective of cleansing effect, paste (can be rubbed to get rich foam)> lotion > gel.

However, each of us has different skin types. We should choose skin care products that suit our skin type, which is more conducive to skin health. Therefore, oily skin can choose foam-rich cleansing cream, mixed skin to minimize foam, dry skin and sensitive skin suitable for non-foaming cleansing milk. In addition to choosing facial cleansers according to the skin type , it is also necessary to combine the characteristics of the weather and the environment.

In the case of indoor water shortage or spring, autumn and winter conditions, the skin is easy to lose moisture and the oil secretion is weak. You can use a cleanser with less cleansing power. ; In summer, the environmental humidity is high and the skin oil secretion is strong, you can choose a facial cleanser with a slightly stronger cleansing force.

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