Teddy Swims 911 Song Tiktok – Remix and Lyrics, What Does It Mean?

Music lovers might be curious about Teddyu Swims’ new song called 911 on TikTok. Here’s all you need to know about his viral song down below.

Teddy Swims, alias Jaten Dimsdale, is an Atlanta, Georgia-based singer and songwriter. Growing up, he was an avid football player, and as a musical theatre student, he was exposed to a wide range of music.

Swims played in various bands as a kid, including 80s glam metal, funk, current metal-core, soul, and country alternative bands. In March of 2019, he embarked on his first US hip-hop tour alongside his close buddy Addy Maxwell.

What Does Teddy Swims 911 TikTok Song Mean?

Teddy Swims’ newly released 911 is a love song composed in the hip-hop RnB genre. He converted his intimate conversation between him and his girlfriend to a trendy piece of music.

The 29 years old singer released his song 911 on the TikTok platform, which he recorded on his private studio on December 1, 2021. Within hours of the initial release, people started loving his new track onwards.


This songs called 911. What you think? #911 #letsgo #rnbvibes #newmusic #fyp

♬ 911 – Teddy Swims

As of now, Swims’ 911 song went viral on TikTok in a positive way. His post reached 545.5k heart reactions, 29.6k comments, 74k shares, and still going on.

Many fans of Teddy Swims loved the way he sang the viral TikTok song, 911, and gave their reviews on Twitter. One of his fans, Rian Taff, said her obsession with his music keeps growing and she can not stop it and does not want to.

Is There a Remix of Teddy Swims 911 TikTok Song?

Until now, Teddy Swims has not made a remix of his newly trending song, 911. But, he has just proven that he is the “2021’s Artist to Watch” with his viral single. His fans can not get the lyrics out of their heads, and listening is excellent.


##duet with @papa_wink ##KraftMacMeSkip this made me so happy this morning! ##911 ##fyp

♬ 911 – Teddy Swims

Last week, Teddy Swims’ song Simple Things was on repeat, but it appears that 911 has surpassed it in popularity. If he isn’t at the top of your Spotify Wrapped this year, he will be next year, so let’s have a look at his music.

Teddy Swims 911 TikTok Song Lyrics Explored

Teddy Swims’ viral TikTok song called 911 depicts his crazy love story. The lyrics say, “if there is a fire in her kitchen and when her roof just won’t stop leaking, he got her back without her even asking.”

The singer further wrote, “if he gotta whoop somebody’s a**, he is going to do it with passion.” And when it gets too dangerous, he realizes he never out her touch and says she ain’t gotta dial 911 to call for emergency safety.


All the serotonin today.

♬ 911 – Teddy Swims

Though dialing 911 emergency code, Teddy Swims says, “she can hit him a miscall.” He then said, “Girl you know, he’s the one whenever she needs something in an emergency, or when she just can not sleep, he will slide through for her with urgency.”

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