Slim 400 aka Vincent Cohran Shot To Dead: Death Cause and Wikipedia – What Is His Net Worth?

Slim 400 aka Vincent Cohran is all over media for being shot. In 2019 also he was reportedly shot multiple times and rushed to the hospital.

The shooting happened after three months when the rapper and community advocate Nipsey Hussle was fatally stuck in front of his Marathon Clothing Store.

He worked with YG on the single “Bruisin,” and he was featured in a video with renowned West Coast rapper, Snoop Dog, for a project by Campton AV.

Info On Slim 400 aka Vincent Cohran Shot To Dead

Vincent Cohran is an American rapper known as Slim 400. The Compton rapper is in the process of gaining much fame and contribution to the music industry.

Over and time again, his death rumor was aired. In 2019, he was shot in a drive-by in Compton. At that time, he underwent four surgeries and was in the intensive care unit.

Ice Wata Army and BompTTon are his two mixtapes, that he released this year, 2021. He is a rising star successfully making many fan followers increasingly.

His ethnicity is Afro-American. However, there is not much information on his early age but, he has a daughter named Parris born on March 17, 2009.

Many celebrities get into rumors of death and other tittle-tattle. Hopefully, the news on Slim 400’s death turns to be a rumor as in 2019. He was shot at his face and back earlier.

Unless and until the recognized media will not announce his death, let’s not get into social media rumors and posts. We need more talented rappers like Slim 400.

Slim 400 Death Cause and Wikipedia

The rapper has his official Wikipedia page, which includes his biography and a bit of information about his albums. He is associated with YG and has been featured in many of his songs.

He was born on 21st June 1988 in Frankfurt, Germany but was raised in the United States of America. As per astrology, he is Cancer. He stands 183cm tall and weighs 78Kg.

It has been reported that he was shot dead. The news is being spread as fast as fire but, no detail about the incident has been found. This is not the first time that his death news came up.

What Is The Net Worth of Slim 400?

Slim 400 was fascinated with music from an early age. He started making music when he was 12 years old. He is a member of the Bloods and often in his texts, refers to the group.

His estimated net worth is over $ 200 thousand. His primary source of income is from his music career. Earlier, in some interviews, he mentioned that he had a legal marijuana business.

His other material assets are not known. He is a rapper, producer, musical artist, and IG personality. He is also an Instagram @slim400blk personality having 230K followers.

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