“Second Debate” cancels Trump’s resumption of election

U.S. President Donald Trump restarted a campaign that was shelved due to the confirmed infection of the new crown virus on the 10th.

The day before, the Presidential Campaign Debate Committee formally cancelled the second debate originally scheduled for the 15th. This means that Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden will have the last “dude” on the 22nd.

Direct “Three Arguments”

The U.S. Presidential Campaign Debate Committee announced on the 8th that the second debate will be held online in consideration of Trump’s health. According to the previous plan, the second debate was originally scheduled to take the form of a “citizen assembly” in which voters in Miami, Florida were invited to directly ask questions of the two candidates.

However, Trump refused to participate in online debates late on the 8th. He declared on the evening of the 9th that he had stopped taking the medication and felt well. However, he did not announce the results of the new coronavirus test after returning to the White House.

Trump announced earlier this month that he tested positive for the new crown virus. He was sent to a military medical center for treatment on the evening of the 2nd and returned to the White House on the evening of the 5th to continue receiving medical care.

Three debates were scheduled for the US presidential election. The first event was held on September 29. Because Trump, Biden and the host often spoke at the same time, the scene was out of control. The media was unanimously criticized for “chaos” and “the worst election debate in American history.”

The final debate will still be held on the 22nd at Belmont University in Nashville, the capital of Tennessee.

According to Reuters, the Trump administration has drawn criticism for its ineffective fight against the new crown epidemic, loose masks and social distancing measures implemented in the White House. At least 11 people were infected at the nomination ceremony of Supreme Court justice held in the White House on September 26, and 9 people were diagnosed at a campaign rally in Bemidji, Minnesota on the 18th.


Nevertheless, people familiar with the matter disclosed that Trump is determined to restart the campaign rallies and fundraising activities that were put on hold on the 10th. He is expected to deliver a speech on “Law and Order” on the balcony of the White House on the same day. He will go to central Florida on the 12th to canvass votes and may hold the first campaign rally after the diagnosis in Sanford Township.

Florida is a well-known “swing state”, which is crucial to Trump’s re-election. The Trump campaign will require attendees at the Florida campaign rally to undergo temperature testing and encourage them to wear masks and use disinfectant.

White House Press Secretary Kelly McNerney assured that Trump, who is eager to restart the campaign, will ensure the safety of the event. However, McNerney himself, the campaign manager Bill Stee, and several presidential aides have recently contracted the virus.

Biden continued his campaign. When participating in a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada’s “gaming city” on the 9th, he criticized Trump for his negligence since his diagnosis: “His reckless personal behavior since his diagnosis is having a huge destructive impact on the government. He Did not take necessary precautions to protect oneself or others.”

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