Scientist: Does Brian Cox Wear A Wig? Everything On His Wife And Net Worth

Brian Cox, a popular English physicist, is suspected by many people to be wearing a wig; however, its validity is doubtful because Brian did have a hairstyle of that kind from his early TV appearance.

Brian Cox is one of the few popular physicists who communicate intricate detail of the cosmos to the common people. He gained popularity through his involvement in TV shows and his books.

Brian has been very vocal about the idea that physics should not be esoteric and experts should communicate with the mass about their discoveries in a lucid manner. Hence, a more general population gets knowledge of various aspects of science.

Scientist: Does Brian Cox Wear A Wig?

Many of Brian Cox’s fans are suspicious about whether his hair is natural or a wig; it looks like there is no certain answer about it. Suspicion started to circulate about his hair because his hairstyle and the way his hair appears are different from natural hair.

Brian Cox lets his hair cover his forehead, and this hairstyle has always been seen since his TV appearance, and he was seen running, wet in the rain with that hair, so it is likely that his hair is natural, but have texture different from normal.

People are so interested in his hair that there is a Facebook page named Professor Brian Cox’s Hair, with more than 700 followers. Thus, it can be said, in the language of physics, Brian’s hair exists in superposition – it is a wig and not a wig simultaneously- until Brian himself comes and tell the truth.

Brian Cox Wife And Children

Brian Cox’s wife is Gia Milinovich. Gia is an American-British writer/ TV presenter. She has presented various shows like Channel 4’s Demolition Day (2003–06), Sky Sports, Nickelodeon, and BBC Radio 5 Live shows.

Brian married Gia in 2003 in Duluth, Minnesota. Their son, George Eagle Cox, was born in 2009. Gia has one child from her previous relationship. The couple lives in Battersea.

Thus, Brian and Gia are related to the entertainment industry, and they likely met each other through it. It is easier for them because they can understand the difficulties a media person has to go through.

Brian Cox Net Worth 2022

Brian Cox’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $ 8 million. He accumulated all of his fortunes through his years of contribution to science. He earns through his TV shows, books, and teaching at the University of Manchester.

He is also likely paid a lot for the various media appearance and science talks he delivers. Besides assets, he has also influenced so many young minds to pursue physics through various media.

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