The Right Way to Use Skin Care Products

For people who are new to skin care, there are various skin care products such as toners, lotions , essential oils, creams, etc., and it hurts to look at them. Which one should be used first and which should be used later? What is the order of use of these skin care products? Today editor brings you the correct order and method of use.

How to use skin care products

Step 1: Cleansing

The order of use of skin care products: In the comprehensive guide, cleansing is the first step in all skin care products. At the same time, cleansing is also the most important step in the skin care routine. Only when the face is thoroughly cleaned can subsequent skin care be allowed. For maintenance, skin care products can only be absorbed effectively when the face is thoroughly cleaned.

Right cleansing method :

1. The most suitable water temperature for cleansing is warm water, because warm water is the temperature closest to the human body, so it will not cause any irritation to the skin, and it can ensure that the pores of the face are fully opened.

2. Choose a coin-sized cleanser in the palm of your hand, rub the cleanser with your hands to make the cleanser foam into a foam, and then rub the cleanser in the palm of your hand onto your face, massage your face in circular motions to cleanse thoroughly For impurities such as dust on the face, wash your face with warm water after 2 minutes.

3. Finally, wipe off the water stains on the face with a disposable face towel.

Step 2: Toner

The toner is closely followed by the cleanser. The process of applying the toner is often referred to as “secondary cleansing”, which helps the follow-up maintenance to penetrate the skin more deeply, supplement skin nutrition, and at the same time shrink pores .

Right way to use toner:

1. First pour the toner on the cotton pad.

2. Then use a cotton pad to wipe along the skin texture from the inside to the outside, which can prevent the appearance of fine lines on the facial skin due to excessive pulling, and the forehead and nose with more oil secretion can appropriately extend the wiping time.

Step 3: Essence

Essence is one of the important steps in the use sequence of skin care products. Because the essence contains trace elements, collagen, serum and other ingredients, it has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening , and anti- freckle effects. Essences are generally divided into two types, one is water essence and oil essence, which extract high-nutrient substances and concentrate them.

Right way to use: Essence

1. Rub your hands and make sure that the palms and fingers are warm, then use a dropper to drop the essence or squeeze out the essence capsule.

2. Apply the essence or essence evenly on the face, pay attention to the essence component to avoid the skin around the eyes, and wait for the essence component to be absorbed.

3. Gently press the U area of ​​the face with the palm of your hand, and gently press it from bottom to top and from outside to inside to ensure the complete absorption of the essence. The T area is also repeated in the same way.

4. Finally, use the power of your fingers to gently tap the skin of your face. The best time to tap your skin is 3 minutes.

Step 4: Eye Cream

he skin around the eyes is the most fragile, and the thickness of the skin around the eyes is only one-eighth of the skin on the face. Therefore, the eyes need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Start using eye cream on the eye skin.

The Right way to apply eye cream:

1. Take an eye cream the size of a soybean grain and place it on the ring finger.

2. Rub gently with two ring fingers. After the eye cream has returned to the body surface temperature, apply it around the eyes; use your ring finger to gently tap in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye until it is absorbed.

3. For obvious dark circles, use your fingers to massage the lower part of the eye like a piano; at the same time, you can gently massage the eye points.

Step 5: Lotion

If the sister paper thinks that after applying the above skin care products, it is wrong even if it is over. The lotion is never mentioned by the editor. Many sister paper think that they start to use the lotion after using up the toner, so the sister paper always feels that their skin is dry . After using skin care products, I still did not achieve the effect I wanted.

Right way to use eye cream:

1. The lotion is not to be applied all over the face at the same time. First apply the eye area, then the cheeks, the sides of the mouth, the upper and lower jaws, etc., and then apply the entire face after these parts are applied.

2. To apply lotion, use the power of your fingertips. The power of your fingertips is moderate and elastic, and the skin feels the most comfortable.

3. To apply the lotion, add a massage action. Massage gently from the center of the face to the outside until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

Step 6: Cream

Facial cream is the main step of skin care. Choosing a cream that suits your skin’s needs can replenish moisture, lock in moisture, and improve skin texture.

The Right way to apply cream:

1. First use a special spoon to scoop out an appropriate amount of cream and place it in the palm of the palm. Put the left and right hands together to evenly separate the cream between the palms.

2. First press on the cheekbones and then on the chin and forehead. Starting from the cheeks gently, gently press the cream into the skin slowly. On the one hand, the benefits of this will not be due to the dense texture of the cream, pushing and rubbing the skin, on the other hand, it will not cause the loss of active ingredients in the cream due to excessive friction.

Alright, the above is the correct skin care process and how to use skin care products.

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