Pregnant Women’s Skin Care Experience Sharing So That You Can Be Beautiful During Pregnancy

Since pregnancy, you will find that in addition to the bulging abdomen, your body has undergone various changes, and even your skin is more sensitive than usual. In order to ensure good skin, expectant mothers need to take special care of themselves, starting from health and comfort, give skin some careful care.

Next, the editor will take a look at some of the skin care experience of pregnant women. Mothers-to-be will surely get supple skin by following this.

Pregnant women skin care experience 1: Take nutrition, nourish the skin

Whether your skin can get adequate nutrition at any time has a great relationship with the changes in your skin quality. If your skin is very dry, you can eat more foods containing unsaturated fatty acids or linoleic acid (vegetables and fish) to improve the dry skin.

Generally speaking, vitamin C and B6 are two nutrients for skin regeneration and reconstruction. Therefore, you can supplement 25-50 mg of vitamin B6 every day. Of course, it is best to ask a doctor to recommend medication during pregnancy. Even for vitamins, for mothers, the more you eat, the better.

In addition, you should follow the pregnancy diet recommended by your doctor and maintain a nutritious and balanced diet. This is not only beneficial to your own health and the development of the fetus, but also a good way to nourish your skin.

It can often be seen that the skin of expectant mothers is more delicate than in the past, of course because of the effect of estrogen during pregnancy, but adequate nutrition does have a great effect.

Pregnant women skin care experience 2: Choose pure natural skin care products

During pregnancy, mothers-to-be, if they use skin care products or cosmetics that contain chemical ingredients, they will not only harm their skin, but also affect the fetus in their abdomen.

Therefore, they should use pure natural skin care products, olive oil is the best Well, it can be applied not only on the face, but also on the body, and it is very useful to apply olive oil frequently during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

Pregnant women skin care experience 3: For skin problems that appear on the face, you must prescribe the right medicine and not worry

1. Dry and rough, prone to acne. Skin care products during pregnancy should be selected only with a simple moisturizing effect without other functions. If you are worried about the composition of skin care products, you may wish to mix purified water and glycerin at a ratio of 1:5, and add a little white vinegar. Especially after 5 months of pregnancy, the skin will be a little dry and rough. Expectant mothers can choose lotion or cream for skin care .

2. Pregnancy will also cause a lot of various spots on a women’s face and body, some of which can disappear naturally after giving birth. To make yourself recover well after childbirth and ensure a good sleep, it is essential to eat more foods containing high-quality protein, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

3. Unsightly stretch marks. All parts of the pregnant women’s body should be rubbed with oil at any time. The effect of rubbing with oil is to avoid birth marks on the abdomen and legs after childbirth. Especially in the abdomen, buttocks and upper thighs, etc., it can effectively slow down skin sagging and prevent or smooth stretch marks.

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