NFR: Spencer Wright Rodeo Brothers Age, Is He Related TO Ryder Wright?

Spencer Wright, age 30, is the second youngest among Rodeo Brothers, currently competing in NFR. There are six brothers from the family who are professionals. 

Wright’s brother’s name is not unknown in the field of Rodeo. Bill and Evelyn Wright gave birth to13 children, of which seven are boys, and the other six are girls. 

Among the seven brothers, six are professional and champion Rodeo, whereas the youngest brother is a boxer and plays basketball. The three-member of the Wright family are currently competing in National Finals Rodeo. 

More On NFR Spencer Wright Rodeo Brothers Age

Spencer Wright, a contestant on NFR, has six brothers whose ages are not specified clearly on the internet. However, their names are Cody, Cal, Alex, Jake, Jesse, and Stuart. 

Cody is 42 years old, whereas Spencer is 30 years old, the second-youngest among seven brothers. There is no specified age of other remaining brothers. 

Thus, we can only assume that the other may be late or mid-20s. Nevertheless, according to Prorodeo, Cody, Cal, Alex, Jake, and Jesse compete in PRCA saddle bronc riding events. 

Cody is 2008 and 2010 World Champion, whereas Jesse received the title in 2012. Spencer, on the other hand, is the 2014 World Champion. Thus, people say that it seems that the boys in the family are born in a saddle.

They are considered one of the best saddle bronc rodeo riders globally.  

Spencer Wright is related to Ryder Wright. They have the relationship of uncle-nephew. Ryder is the son of Spencer’s eldest brother, Cody. 

Ryder is 23 years old at present and is popular among netizens. He qualified in the second number in the PRCA World Standings with $181,894. His brother Stetson secured first place, and the third was by his uncle, Spencer. 

All three boys have joined the road to NFR 2021. Therefore, the family is full of champions when it comes to Rodeo. First, the dads create history, and now the second generation continues the heritage. 

Moreover, a film named Born To Ride released in 2009 documents Cody’s first World Championship. In addition, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter John Branch wrote a six-page article about the family after spending time with them. 

How Tall Is Spencer Wright?- Learn About His Height

Spencer Wright’s height is not known to date. There are no details regarding his physical measurements in the web. 

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