New iPhone patents exposed! Change the sensor position to show more content

Recently, it can be said that the mobile phone circle has almost been discussed around the iPhone 12 series. Everyone has eagerly put forward their expectations for this new series of models, thinking that it should have smaller bangs and support 5G networks. On October 10, foreign media revealed that Apple has applied for a new patent to obtain a larger display space on the screen by changing the location of the iPhone’s sensor.

From the above passage, it is not difficult to understand that changing the position of the sensor refers to canceling the bangs area previously appeared on the iPhone, and “transferring” the hidden sensor to another place. The purpose of this is to make more space for the screen, making the phone more integrated. At the same time, it seems that many consumers like iPhones without bangs. In a previous statistical activity, more people voted for iPhone models without bangs.

According to the information shown in the patent document submitted by Apple, Apple designed a variety of sensors previously in the bangs area to the junction of the screen and the frame, so that the screen area becomes larger. However, people familiar with the matter said that the company submits multiple patent documents every week, but many of the patents will not appear in the product.

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