Myanmar lawmakers feel sorry for the Americans: being defeated by the virus shocked the world

On September 25, the “New York Times” website published an article titled “I feel sorry for the Americans”: The puzzled world is watching the United States, saying that the United States, as a superpower, allowed itself to be affected by a virus. Defeated, shocked the world. The content of the article is summarized as follows:

Myanmar is a poor country. This has not stopped its politicians from sympathizing with a country they think has lost their way. Myanmar MP U Min U said: “I feel sorry for the Americans. But we cannot help the United States because we are a small country.”

As one of the most developed countries, Canada also has this sentiment. Two-thirds of Canadians live within 60 miles (96 kilometers) of the US border. The industrial city of Sarnia borders Michigan. The mayor of the city, Mike Bradley, said: “I personally feel that this is like witnessing the decline of the Roman Empire.”

During the pandemic and on the eve of the presidential election, many countries around the world looked at the United States with shock, annoyance, and especially confusion. How does a superpower allow itself to be defeated by a virus?

Myanmar political commentator U Aung Du Ying said: “The United States is a first world country, but it behaves like a third world country.”

Because Trump administration officials ignored international agreements and pursued the “America First” policy, the global image of the United States began to suffer before the pandemic. But now, its reputation seems to plummet.

A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 13 countries found that in the past year, countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, and Germany had the most negative views of the United States in years. In every country surveyed, the vast majority of respondents believe that the United States has performed poorly in response to the pandemic.

People in developing countries who have been ridiculed by Trump say the signs in the United States are ominous: unchecked diseases, mass protests against racial and social inequality, and a person who seems unwilling to promise to support electoral democratic principles. Of the president.

Mexico is perhaps more of a target for Trump’s anger than any other country. The president made it the target of his campaign and vowed to make Mexicans pay for the border wall. Now, Mexicans are experiencing a new emotion towards the United States, which is sympathy.

The US passport used to allow easy access to almost all countries in the world, but it is no longer a valuable travel pass. Due to the new crown virus, most countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America ban American tourists from entering.

Cambodia has hardly been infected with this virus so far. The spokesperson of the People’s Party of the country Soesan said of Trump: “He has a lot of nuclear weapons, but he takes an invisible disease lightly.”

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