What are the most effective actions to lose weight before going to bed

1. Stand on the wall

Standing against the wall is what we usually call “standing on the wall”. This simple method not only does not make people feel fatigued, but also effectively consumes body fat, while firming the skin, accelerating metabolism, and helping improve sleep quality. When practicing, remember the core movement essentials of the “three points and one line”, that is, heels, hips, and back of the head. The three points and one line should be close to the root of the wall as much as possible, knees and heels should be brought together, and your hands should relax and hang down on your sides, but If you want to lose weight faster, you can stretch your arms to the outside of your thighs, while keeping your muscles tight.

2. Hip lift exercise

Lift training is mainly for the buttocks and the inner and outer thighs, which are usually not fully exercised. It can effectively tighten muscles and maintain a tight buttock contour. It is best to practice before going to bed. You need to lie flat on the bed, bend your knees, do not have your feet together, and place your hands on your hips, with your palms close to the bed. Tuck in the abdomen and raise the buttocks, slowly lift the buttocks up, and then slowly put them down. When practicing, pay attention to keep breathing evenly. It is advisable to feel soreness in the buttocks and thighs. Take out 5-10 minutes of practice before going to bed every day for about a week. You can see the effect.

3. Abdominal massage

The big belly can no longer hide, sit-ups are really difficult to persist, and the diet method has also failed. Is there a lighter way to help lose weight? Of course, abdominal massage is a good easy way to lose weight. It does not require exercise or starvation, and it is very effective for stubborn abdominal fat.

With the belly button as the center, the palms are tightly attached to the abdomen and massage in circular motions, 100 times per group, 3 groups per day before going to bed. Abdominal massage can effectively stimulate the meridians of the abdomen and help increase the speed of fat metabolism. At the same time as the massage, the speed of intestinal peristalsis will also increase, and you can feel a relaxed and refreshing excretion in the early morning of the next day.

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