Logan Losurdo Missing Update – Who Are His Parents, Is He Found?

Who are Logan Losurdo parents, a 20-year-old boy who has been missing since last week? Stay with us to get an update regarding the case and more through this article.

The missing case of a 20-year-old, Logan Losurdo, is currently over the internet. AS per the sources, he disappeared from the Tuggerah Lakes area nearly a week ago.

Logan Losurdo was last seen on Pebble Beach Road, walking in the direction of Wilfred Bennet Diver Magenta about 1:15 am on Thursday, 25 November 2021.

The investigation of the case is ongoing at present. His parents are continuously in search of their son Logan Losurdo. 

Logan Losurdo Missing Updates

Since last week, the Central Coast man Logan Losurdo updated has been keenly awaited. He has been missing from the Tuggerah Lakes area. 

According to the police, a mysterious figure in a white car suspects in the Logan Losurd missing case. They have now released CCTV footage of a vehicle and are investigating that man.

NSW Police were first informed about the Logan Losurdo missing at 8:15 pm that night.

Logan Losurdo’s family is badly devastated by the missing of their beloved son. They have also hired a professional tracker to find their missing son Logan Losurdo. 

The professional tracker is trying its best to find the 20-year-old Logan at any cost. As of now, they believe that Logan is most likely still alive.

Similarly, the Tuggerah Lakes Police District officials, alongside SES Volunteers, PolAir, Water Police, Marine Rescue, NSW Surf Lifesaving, and the Volunteer Rescue Association, are helping on the case to find the young boy.

Who Are Logan Losurdo Parents?

Logan Losurdo is missing from the Central Coast and hasn’t been seen since then.

Logan Losurdo’s parents are praying for the rescue of their son. However, his parents have no information as they aren’t public figures.

Earlier, Logan Losurdo used to study at Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College and has won the AVID Australia Studnet Speaker competition. 

In the speech, Logan has mentioned his parents and brother, which means he was raised with his brother.

Is Logan Losurd Found?

No, Logan Losurdo hasn’t been founded yet. The investigation is still going on to rescue the young boy.

His family and friends have not seen Logan Losurdo after he went missing. It’s been already nine days since he disappeared.

No one has any idea where and how is Logan. 

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