Common Laptop Battery Repair Methods

Laptop batteries, especially lithium batteries, have been left unused for too long or have just been repaired, and their charge curve and discharge curve have a certain offset. It needs to be corrected and repaired by several cycles of real full discharge. We It is also called the self-learning process of the battery. Common laptop battery repair methods mainly include the following methods.

Laptop battery repair method one

Settings (this is the most important step that is most related to repairing the laptop battery to the best condition. Please don’t have to pay attention to it)

A. Open My Computer-Control Panel-Power Options-Power Scheme,

Select all the time parameters of using battery as never

B. Uncheck the two options of the alarm item, the purpose is to make the program not respond to the corresponding operation when the battery drops to a few percent, so that the power of the laptop battery is truly discharged, so that the battery itself can correct its minimum power and The curve is 0% synchronized.


After the above settings are completed, charge and discharge the battery according to the principle of full and discharge, and back and forth two or three times, and the offset curve of the battery can be repaired.

Note: The battery must be fully charged when charging. The best way is to shut down and charge for a few hours or overnight, then unplug the power supply and discharge it until the computer automatically shuts down. At least two cycles back and forth

Laptop battery repair method two

The instability of the battery in use and charging will cause the capacity of the battery to decrease, but this decrease is not caused by aging, so proper calibration can restore this part of the lost capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to perform battery calibration regularly, such as once every 1-2 months.

Laptop computers such as Compaq and IBM provide battery calibration in the BIOS or power management program, so friends who use these two brands can just follow the prompts.

For those users who do not provide this feature brand, you can follow my steps: set the screen saver to “none”, set the power scheme to “always on” in the Windows power management, and turn off the device related menus below. Set to “Never”. In the alarm tab, set the “low battery alarm” to 10%, and the operation to “do nothing”; set the “critical battery shortage alarm” to 3% and the operation to “standby”.

Turn the screen brightness to the highest to confirm that all windows are closed, and all previous work data is saved. After confirming that the battery is charged at 80% or more, unplug the power supply and all external devices. At this time, if the screen brightness is automatically reduced, please turn it on To the brightest.

OK, you can go to sleep. After the discharge is over, the notebook will automatically shut down. Then plug in the power supply to charge the notebook. Note that you must wait until it is fully charged and then turn it on, and then restore the power scheme to the settings before calibration.

After the calibrated battery, you can use it with confidence.

Laptop battery repair method three

Use the battery refresh program to restore the battery discharge time: Most brand laptops have a battery refresh program, which can be used to repair the battery. There is a software called “Battery Mon”. There are many versions. It is a small software specifically for Laptop battery monitoring. It can display the discharge curve and run automatically after installation.

For laptops, the battery is not properly charged and discharged, which leads to shorter and shorter discharge times, with less than 5 minutes left. It is very inconvenient to carry the laptop to work. Is there any way to restore the battery What about the discharge time?

Battery repair In response to the above situation, we can use the battery refresh program launched by IBM to refresh the battery to restore the discharge time.

The specific method is as follows.

(1) Use alternating current to power the notebook computer and download the refresh program of the notebook computer battery provided.

(2) Restart the computer, press the f8 key to enter the boot menu, and select the safe dos mode.

(3) Enter the directory where the file just downloaded, execute the battery refresh program isbr0lww,exe, read the warning message, insert the floppy disk as required, and then press the Enter key to execute the self-extracting operation.

(4) Use this floppy disk to boot the computer, and the startingpc-dos… prompt message appears on the screen.

(5) Unplug the AC power as prompted, the program will automatically discharge the ni-mh battery, and the system will automatically shut down after the discharge is completed.

(6) Due to the high temperature of the battery at this time, it should not be turned on immediately. After allowing it to cool for a while, plug in the AC power supply.

(7) Boot the computer with a floppy disk, this time the autoexec.bat file will automatically run the refresh program and ask the user whether to proceed. After selecting yes, press Enter.

(8) At this time, the program starts to refresh the battery. The process is very fast. When it returns to the dos prompt a:>, it means that the refresh has been completed.

(9) Turn off the computer and charge the battery until the indicator light turns green.

(10) Repeat the above process 3 times to get the best effect.

Laptop battery repair method four:

Refrigerator freezing method

1): Wrap the battery in newspaper and put it in a plastic bag and wrap it in the freezer for three days (newspaper can absorb excess water).

2) Take it out after three days and leave it at room temperature for two days.

3) Charge the battery after two days. Carry out mobile phone wrap test after full load (estimated to save 80%-90%).

This method was revealed by an engineer from a well-known battery manufacturer. According to friends who have tested it, the effect is quite effective.

As for whether it is effective, the battery is almost useless anyway, and everyone has a refrigerator, friends may wish to give it a try!

The above is the entire content of ” Common laptop battery repair methods “, we hope to help everyone!

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