It is Reported that Apple Released its first ARM Mac Notebook in November: Starting at $799

There are really too many new products from Apple this year. According to the latest reports from foreign media, after the release of the iPhone 12 this month, the next first Mac with a customized Apple Silicon processor will serve as the “another conference” in November. Part of the announcement.

In the WWDC keynote speech in June, Apple announced that it would switch from Intel to its own custom-designed processor for Mac from later this year, and promised that the performance per watt will lead the industry. At that point , Apple stated that it planned to ship the primary Mac with Apple Silicon before the top of this year, and complete the transition in about two years.

The Apple Silicon processor is based on the Arm architecture, which means that future Macs will be able to run thousands of iPhone and iPad applications without recompilation. These applications will be released through the Mac App Store unless the developer opts out.

Summarizing the current news, the first MacBook equipped with Apple Silicon starts at US$799 (approximately RMB 5,600), while the 13-inch MacBook Pro starts at US$1,099.

The cheapest Mac product currently offered by Apple is the 13-inch MacBook Air, which is priced at US$999. If you are a student, you can enjoy an education discount of US$899.

It is reported that this ARM-based MacBook sports a more powerful chip and is also very energy-efficient. At the same time, allowing Apple to provide it at a lower starting price should make it an extremely attractive product.

According to the previously leaked results, the Mac Mini equipped with A12Z Bionic natively runs benchmark applications, and the results are much higher than expected.

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