If Jupiter disappears suddenly, why does the earth disappear in an instant?

There are 8 planets in the solar system, and each planet is orbiting in its own orbit. These 8 planets check and balance each other and determine each other’s speed, direction and angle of rotation, including the earth. The earth plays a very important role in this, not because the geological ecological environment of the earth is so special, but because the earth gives birth to all life. The difference and value of the earth are given to it by mankind.

If the earth’s external environment changes, it will be difficult for the earth to continue to become an ecological planet in the solar system. For example, there is only one natural satellite around the earth. The existence of the moon gives the earth a distinction between day and night, and also makes many asteroids and meteorites that attack the earth inaccessible. But if it is said to be the planet’s largest guardian planet, Jupiter must be mentioned.

Jupiter is like a knight guarding the earth. Hawking said that there are at least 20 million asteroids in the universe, which will cause devastating damage to the earth. But with Jupiter’s guardianship, nearly 95% of the dangers will be blocked by Jupiter one step ahead, and the remaining 5% are protected by the moon and the earth’s atmosphere. This allows the earth to guard life and everything for nearly hundreds of millions of years. For the earth, Jupiter is indispensable.

If Jupiter disappears suddenly
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If Jupiter suddenly disappears in the solar system one day, the earth will probably disappear suddenly in an instant. It is no exaggeration to say so. After all, Jupiter is the most massive planet in the solar system except the sun. Jupiter suddenly disappeared, but there were as many as 79 natural satellites around Jupiter. These satellites suddenly separated from Jupiter, which they had been around for hundreds of millions of years. It is very likely that it will not be restricted by gravity, fly around and hit the earth.

About 4.2 billion years ago, an asteroid with the same mass as Mars collided with the Earth, and the debris formed the current moon. And some asteroids that do not lose the mass and volume of Mars, if they accelerate toward the earth together. Even if the earth is not destroyed in an instant, it will lead to the path of extinction of all the ecology on the earth. Will it include humans? The answer is obviously self-evident. The earth in the solar system is not only constrained by the sun, but the moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, etc. will affect the speed and direction of the earth’s orbit. The same is true for Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury and other planets. Once a planet as large as Jupiter suddenly disappears in the solar system, it will not be possible that only the earth will be affected.

Mars and Saturn, which is the closest to Jupiter, are the planets that look dumbfounded for the first time. The entire solar system is likely to be chaotic. At that time, it is not necessarily only the moons of Jupiter ramming in the solar system. Planets such as the Earth and Mars will also collide with each other uncontrollably. At that time, it is not necessarily only the earth that disappears into the solar system!

It seems that Jupiter not only plays a significant role for the earth, but also plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of the entire solar system. However, in recent years, there have been more and more doubts about Jupiter’s possibility that Jupiter may not be the guardian of the earth, and more likely to push the earth into crisis. As for why you say that? As just mentioned, Jupiter has a huge mass and volume, which can accommodate 1,300 Earths, so that all asteroids that hit the Earth will be constrained by Jupiter’s extreme gravity and deflect the orbit. .

But is there a possibility that many asteroids do not actually want to hit the earth? Although the universe is full of meteorites and asteroids, it is in the wider universe. Meteorites and asteroids are not worth mentioning. How could it happen to be hitting the earth? The Voyager 1, launched by NASA in 1977, has now flown in the solar system for 43 years and has never hit an asteroid, satellite meteorite, etc. So, is it possible that the potential crises around the earth are caused by Jupiter?

Human beings made Jupiter a god, mainly from 1994, when a comet named Shoemaker Levi 9 and Jupiter collided violently. Nearly 42,000 high temperatures were generated in a flash between the two. It is conceivable that if this satellite hits towards the earth. Although it will not reproduce the tragedy of 65 million years ago. But it is also a big blow to the ecology of the earth. Therefore, mankind is grateful to Jupiter. Mankind is grateful for the existence of Jupiter. But perhaps because of this, mankind has ignored the most critical.

Of course, all of the above are just speculations of scientists. Whether Jupiter is the guide or guardian of disasters. Jupiter ultimately protected the earth. However, human beings cannot always seek protection from various external forces such as Jupiter and the Moon. After all, as just said, Jupiter suddenly disappeared. What should humans do? I don’t know how you think about the planet Jupiter?

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