Healthy weight loss after pregnancy

[Guide] Postpartum healthy weight loss is generally the most respected method of weight loss. Many new mothers will inevitably encounter the phenomenon of out of shape and “swollen” body shape after childbirth. In order to quickly get back a good figure, we advocate healthy weight loss. Let’s talk about the benefits of healthy weight loss after pregnancy, and how to do it to truly achieve healthy weight loss.

Healthy weight loss after pregnancy

Healthy weight loss after pregnancy is to be healthy and safe, to achieve the effect of weight loss smoothly, and there are almost no side effects on the body. In fact, healthy weight loss is what every weight loss person hopes to achieve. While gaining a slim figure, his health is not compromised. In fact, it is not difficult to lose weight healthily. It is generally difficult to stick to it well. If you want to lose weight healthily, it is usually carried out under the dual effects of diet and exercise, and you must pay special attention to some small aspects.

Many pregnant women lose shape after childbirth. If you want to get your body back to fit, it really takes a lot of thought. But weight loss is easier said than done, not to mention the postpartum women. Especially for women who are breastfeeding, in order to ensure that their milk is adequately nourished, they cannot “make a big start” in their diet. If the mother has an adverse body reaction due to weight loss, this will also affect the baby. For the health of babies and mothers, how can we lose weight healthier?

In fact, healthy weight loss mainly follows three principles. Many people want to lose weight healthily, but they often fall into misunderstandings. In fact, healthy weight loss is not all about dieting, but a reasonable diet. Generally speaking, healthy weight loss mainly depends on eating staple foods. , But also pay attention to a balanced diet and avoid overeating. As for what many people think of eating and growing meat, you don’t have to be so cautious. In order to lose weight healthily, it is best not to refuse meat. What should be noted during weight loss is not to consume sweets, alcohol and fruits high in sugar. Also, exercise more when you are fine, because post-natal exercise is also very helpful in eliminating body fat.

Benefits of healthy weight loss after pregnancy

Postpartum obesity can be called a nightmare for many pregnant women. In fact, as long as it is properly recuperated, healthy weight loss after pregnancy is not difficult. In fact, postpartum healthy weight loss has many benefits. Because it is a way of weight loss based on “health”, generally postpartum healthy weight loss will not damage the body, and the effect of healthy weight loss is better. It is not easy to rebound after losing weight.

Many people are eager to lose weight, especially pregnant women, who want to quickly restore their body to the same shape as before childbirth. To be a super hot mom, but in fact, many people don’t expect that although the weight has been reduced, the face The right problems follow one after another, such as skin problems becoming more serious, and because of changes in diet, it is very likely that they will rebound quickly, and fast weight loss is generally not a healthy method, which is harmful to the body. It is big, and it is easy to feel tired at any time.

In fact, weight loss varies from person to person, and the speed of fat metabolism is critical. But generally speaking, healthy weight loss is applicable to anyone, and healthy weight loss is the most appropriate way to lose weight, especially for the parturient, because the body is very fragile for a long time after delivery. Yes, so it is more necessary to combine work and rest in weight loss, remember not to make the body too tired or malnourished.

Postpartum healthy weight loss schedule

It is very annoying to see the fat on your arms, legs, abdomen, waist and back after childbirth. I am eager to get rid of the annoying fat on my body. In fact, it is not difficult to get rid of the fat, although it is obese after giving birth. It is something that almost every parturient will experience. Many people think that it is not easy to lose weight after childbirth. In fact, it is not so. Generally, there is a golden period of weight loss after childbirth. If you lose weight during the golden period of weight loss, the results of weight loss will be half the effort.

Generally, we do not recommend losing weight within 42 days after delivery, because this period is the confinement period, and the period of confinement can be called the maternal regeneration period, so during the postpartum confinement period It is best not to lose weight. Losing weight during this period of time is very harmful. If it is not handled properly, it will cause the root cause of the disease.

From the sixth week after childbirth, you can generally start a weight loss plan, because during this time, the mother’s physical condition has basically recovered, so you can start to lose weight, but it should be noted that during this time, The intensity of weight loss cannot be too great. In the 2 months postpartum, weight loss should be gradual. At this time, it is best to combine diet and exercise to lose weight.

In the 4 months postpartum, the mother’s body has basically recovered at this time, so we can increase weight loss at this time. At 6 months postpartum, the golden period of weight loss is ushered in. At this time, weight loss can be described as getting twice the result with half the effort, because during this period, the body of the general parturient begins to enter the normal menstrual cycle, and it also ushered in the first menstruation after delivery. The effect of weight loss is very good.

How to do healthy weight loss after pregnancy

In fact, it is not difficult to lose weight healthy after childbirth. As long as you can start with the details, it is not difficult to lose weight. In fact, as long as you maintain good habits in psychology, diet, exercise, breastfeeding, and sleep, it is only a matter of time before you want to lose weight healthily, and we will try to talk about how to do it from these aspects.

Psychological aspect

Maintaining an optimistic and cheerful mood at any time. Maintaining an optimistic and pleasant mood is also beneficial to postpartum recovery. When mothers experience irritability, anger, depression, and negative emotions, the body will also be affected, which will easily lead to endocrine system disorders and affect Metabolism, and these are necessarily not beneficial to postpartum weight loss.


If you want to be able to lose weight effectively after childbirth, you must pay more attention to diet. A reasonable diet is very helpful for weight loss. Although postpartum nutrition cannot be less, in general, postpartum eating still requires a reasonable diet. The food composition should be high in protein, high in vitamins, low in sugar and low in fat. Even in the confinement period that needs tonic, it also requires a proper combination of meat and vegetables.

In terms of exercise

Maintaining a moderate amount of exercise is very good for weight loss. In fact, exercise can be regarded as the natural enemy of weight loss, and the effect of exercise to lose weight is more obvious. It is also more healthy to lose weight. After the full moon, as the body recovers, you can do gymnastics or aerobics every day to reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. In terms of exercise intensity, it is best to “take it slowly” after childbirth. In terms of exercise weight loss, it is best not to be too strong to avoid affecting the healing of lacerations after normal delivery or incisions after caesarean section.


It is reported that women who are breastfeeding are more likely to lose weight than those who are not. Breastfeeding is not only beneficial to the growth and development of the baby, but also can prevent postpartum obesity. Because breastfeeding can promote milk secretion, strengthen maternal metabolism, and transport excess nutrients out of the body.

In terms of sleep

The statement that sleep affects weight is definitely not groundless. In fact, too much sleep time reduces the body’s metabolism, and carbohydrates tend to accumulate in the body in the form of fat, resulting in obesity. Therefore, the best sleep time for new mothers should be eight hours. Remember not to be snooze to avoid fat accumulation.

Principles to follow for healthy weight loss after pregnancy

In fact, healthy weight loss after pregnancy is generally not a difficult task. In fact, it is often difficult for women to persist because healthy weight loss is a gradual process after all.

This is indeed a psychological test for people who are eager to see the effect of weight loss. For health, what we recommend most is to take a healthy footing to lose weight. Generally speaking, weight loss also needs to follow the following principles.

  1. The weight loss per week is generally not more than 2 kg (it may vary according to the adaptability of the person), and the maximum is not more than 4-6 kg;
  2. As body weight and body fat decrease, body circumference (WHR, BMI index, etc.) also decreases;
  3. Ensure that the calories taken in can provide the minimum energy requirement of the body every day;
  4. Ensure a balanced diet to meet the nutritional needs of the body and exercise;
  5. Appropriate exercise, neither too little (no effect) nor too much (a burden on the body);
  6. Good sleep (not big sleep and special sleep), to ensure the implementation of the most scientific sports nutrition dual intervention method of weight loss;
  7. Be able to maintain a good mental state and a relaxed mood.
  8. Have a healthy diet, eat less fried foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers and apples are okay. Eat more whole grains. Like the naked oat noodles and buckwheat noodles produced in the north, they are non-fried, low-fat, low-sugar, colorless and pollution-free;
  9. Exercise more. It is recommended to run every day. Not only can you strengthen your physique, but you can also lose weight appropriately. It is best to run in the afternoon. You must have the habit of going to bed and getting up early. Do not deliberately lose weight. It is best not to take weight loss pills. Not only is it bad for the body, but it also rebounds.
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