Former Microsoft CEO and largest shareholder Ballmer seeking to acquire TikTok is exciting

After the story between the US technology giant Microsoft and the short video app TikTok was “reversed” again, the former CEO and largest shareholder Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) of Microsoft ) It seems to be in a good mood.

He told media today (3rd) that Microsoft’s search for TikTok is “exciting” and that the company is ready to deal with any regulatory issues that may follow. Ballmer also said bluntly, “It is clear that (transactions) depend on price.”

On the 2nd local time, after negotiations between Microsoft, TikTok and the White House, Microsoft confirmed that it will continue to negotiate the acquisition of TikTok’s business in the United States, and it will be completed on September 15 at the latest. It is worth noting that the preliminary negotiations between Microsoft and TikTok’s parent company Bytedance will also involve TikTok’s business in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

According to a US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) report on August 3, after the acquisition news fermented, Microsoft’s stock price rose more than 4% before the market on Monday. As Microsoft’s largest shareholder and former CEO, Ballmer said on CNBC’s program: “It’s clear that (transactions) depend on price.”

“Price is important. From the (US) government’s point of view, the restrictions involved in the transaction are also important. But I think this is an exciting way for Microsoft to really expand its consumer base. “He says.

Although some enterprise-oriented Microsoft products are well-known in recent years, Bauer acquiesced that the company’s foundation is still consumer-oriented business. “(Consumer-oriented) business has both success and failure, and I think it’s important to remember Live-in order to create new business, you have to keep trying new things.”

However, CNBC also pointed out that compared with technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, Microsoft has avoided a lot of rigorous scrutiny in recent years, but the acquisition of TikTok may re-ignite regulatory review of the company.

Ballmer, based on his experience in handling Microsoft’s antitrust cases in the United States, said that his former owner will be prepared to deal with any review related to TikTok.

“Even for companies, there are always national sovereignty issues, such as where you store your records,” he said. “These themes will continue and I think Microsoft is already very sophisticated in this. It has experience working with the government and understands that government is part of all structures.”

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