Fast weight loss after childbirth

[Guide] Many women who have given birth are almost a size bigger after giving birth. Facing the state of growing fat on their bodies, many moms want to lose weight quickly and restore their slim figure. Is it just a good thing to fast weight lose after childbirth? Will it have a bad effect on the body? Next, we will point out the way for new moms to see what are the tricks to lose weight quickly after childbirth, and what are the disadvantages of rapid weight loss after childbirth? Let the new moms gain health while gaining a good figure.

Fast weight loss after childbirth

Postpartum obesity is a problem that almost every new mom will face. It is also the biggest worry of many pregnant moms. Many moms hope to put into weight loss plan immediately after delivery, so that they can restore their previous body as soon as possible. Is it really a good thing to lose weight quickly after delivery? In fact, many times fast weight loss after childbirth is generally harmful to the body, so in many cases we do not recommend fast weight loss after childbirth.

Postpartum obesity is generally a continuation of obesity during pregnancy. In order to ensure adequate nutrition for their children, many new mothers tend to overnutrition themselves. In fact, we need to know the secretion of milk. As long as the body weight is basically normal, reasonable nutrition can reach the standard. Excessive eating will change the normal nutritional ratio, such as a large increase in fat, which can cause steatorrhea in newborn babies. Therefore, if you want to lose weight after delivery, then Pay more attention to diet.

Generally, the body of the postpartum mother is very fragile and requires a full recuperation, so generally we do not recommend to lose weight immediately. As the saying goes, “Haste is not enough.” Generally, losing weight quickly has no good effect on the body, because the body of new moms after childbirth can be said to be in the process of gradual recovery. During this process, if you want to make yourself If the body recovers quickly, it is better to lose weight gradually instead of simply trying to lose weight quickly.

Can you lose weight fast after delivery?

Many new moms want to lose weight quickly to get their good body after giving birth. In fact, this idea is correct. It is a female nature to love beauty. It is understandable to want to make yourself beautiful quickly, but in many cases, it is not a good thing to lose weight quickly after giving birth. Because the body of the parturient woman is recovering after childbirth, adequate nutrition is needed in this process, and the fast way to lose weight that many new moms think of is dieting. This way of losing weight is very harmful to the mother.

Can you lose weight quickly after delivery? The answer is obviously not good. In fact, we generally don’t recommend fast weight loss after pregnancy. It can be said that “hastily is not achieved”. In terms of weight loss, we still need to step by step and step by step to restore our weight, not Let’s talk about fast weight loss right away. In fact, you can’t lose weight during the postpartum confinement period. Weight loss can only be started six weeks postpartum.

The golden period of weight loss is the six months postpartum. It is better to lose weight during the golden period of postpartum. There are many ways to lose weight after childbirth, and the common ones include dietary weight loss, exercise weight loss, medication weight loss, physical weight loss and other methods. Therefore, if you want to achieve good results in weight loss and see results in a short time, it is generally recommended to carry out several weight loss methods together.

How to lose weight quickly after childbirth

In fact, fast weight loss after pregnancy is the same as the general weight loss method. It mainly starts with diet weight loss, exercise weight loss, drug weight loss, physical weight loss, etc. It is just that there are some tips for fast weight loss after childbirth? Generally according to the following aspects, weight loss will generally become smoother and faster.

1. Waist exercise and weight maintenance before pregnancy

Generally pregnant mothers will gain weight during pregnancy, but this is also a range. Generally, pregnancy does not mean that you have to lose shape. Therefore, you can pay more attention to diet during pregnancy and pay attention to weight maintenance. Because the weight of many new mothers has soared from the beginning of pregnancy, if you want to make your body slim, it is generally recommended not to overeating before giving birth. Some waist exercises can also be done before childbirth. In fact, waist exercises before pregnancy are very important. In order not to harm the baby, some simple kicks, waist twists, walks and other movements before pregnancy are all important for childbirth or after childbirth. Weight loss is very helpful.

2. Insist on breastfeeding

Many mothers refuse to feed their babies for fear of affecting the beauty of their breasts after giving birth. Didn’t you know that breastfeeding can not only meet the nutritional needs of your baby, but also consume a lot of your own calories, which is conducive to body recovery. It is reported that mothers who insist on breastfeeding after childbirth lose weight faster than babies who do not breastfeed.

3. Don’t overeating during confinement

In fact, the main reason for getting fat is to eat more, and a good appetite is the main reason for getting fat. Especially obese people like sweets and greasy foods. And these foods happen to be the ones with the highest calories, easy to gain weight, and the easiest to grow flesh. If you do not pay attention to your diet during confinement, it is easy to cause obesity to spread. Eat more light foods during confinement, such as trotters, ribs, chickens and ducks in moderation. As long as the meat and vegetables are properly matched, not only do you not have to be afraid that insufficient milk nutrition will affect your baby, but you do not have to worry about your body being overweight.

4. Do some small exercises at home

Generally speaking, home is often the best place to gain weight. Because there is generally no pressure at home, and you don’t need to care about others’ eyes at home, it’s easy to let your body gradually lose shape. The best way to lose weight quickly after childbirth is to recommend not to give up the idea of ​​exercising to lose weight at home after childbirth. It is okay to do some small exercises at home, which can easily help eliminate cellulite

Precautions for fast weight loss after childbirth

Many new moms want to quickly become slim. In fact, many problems need to be paid attention to when losing weight after childbirth. Otherwise, it is very likely to have negative effects. So what are the issues to pay attention to when losing weight quickly?

1. Establish a correct concept

Generally, the golden period of weight loss after childbirth is six months after childbirth, but new mothers who have just given birth cannot blindly diet to lose weight. Because just after giving birth, the body has not fully recovered to the level of pre-pregnancy, and some new mothers are still responsible for the heavy feeding task, this is the time to supplement nutrition. Compulsory diet after childbirth will not only cause slow recovery of the new mother’s body, but also may cause various complications after childbirth.

2. Adjust your diet reasonably

The subsequent dietary collocation plays a vital role in the smooth progress of weight loss and the ability to lose weight quickly. To ensure adequate nutritional intake for babies and new mothers, the diet must be rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables. New mothers should eat unsaturated vegetable oils as much as possible. The less oil, the better. Salad dressings and peanut butter with high fat content are foods that are easy to gain weight.

New mothers should eat less. New mothers should consume moderate amounts of milk products, but should pay attention to choosing low-fat, skimmed milk as much as possible, rather than choosing condensed milk and flavored milk. Desserts and snacks are also not suitable for new mothers who want to lose weight, especially cakes and chocolates, which are extremely high in calories and should be properly controlled.

3.Appropriate aerobic exercise

No matter when, exercise to lose weight is a good way to eliminate cellulite, so generally we need to do some exercises to help lose weight after giving birth, and the results of exercise to lose weight are very attractive, because generally after weight loss, the body of the mother will become More bodybuilding, and successful exercise weight loss generally will not rebound, but if you want to achieve good results through exercise to lose weight after childbirth, it is generally recommended to adhere to the three principles of brisk walking to lose weight after childbirth, appropriate exercise intensity and adhere to exercise.

Is fast weight loss after pregnancy harmful to the body?

Many new mothers are always secretly sad when they see the fat on their bodies. In fact, postpartum obesity is a stage that almost every mother will go through. However, many mothers who love beauty want to make their figure more slim in a short time, so they can easily believe in various fast weight loss methods. Is fast weight loss after pregnancy harmful to the body? In fact, generally speaking, this method is very harmful to weight loss. Generally speaking, postpartum weight loss should not be rushed.

If you lose weight quickly during confinement and breastfeeding, it is very harmful. New mothers must pay special attention. According to Chinese medicine, postpartum hemorrhage, qi deficiency, and insufficient qi and blood are the most important at this time. At this time, the body needs to be recuperated and supplemented with nutrients. You must not force weight loss regardless of your body. If you want to restore your body to the old and slim state, it is not recommended immediately after delivery. Perform high-intensity weight loss.

Generally, it is recommended to follow a healthy way to lose weight after childbirth, because rapid weight loss will inevitably have a certain impact on the body, especially for women who are breastfeeding, direct rapid weight loss after childbirth may also cause certain effects on the baby. The adverse effects. If you want to achieve better results in postpartum weight loss, it is generally recommended that the best combination of diet and exercise is better, so that it will be more helpful for weight loss.

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