Fans Are Confused If Rod Wave Is Dead Or Alive, Was He Shot? Meet Baby Mama Kelsey On Instagram

Rod Wave’s death rumors have been stacking up on the internet. Was He Shot? What happened to him? Everything to know about his baby momma Kelsey. 

Fans are confused if Rod Wave is dead or alive after a Twitter post started a rumor about his death. The rapper has seen his fair share of death rumors on the internet, which started in November 2020. 

This time around, however, the rumors started when Rod Wave released a song on Youtube that sounded more like a suicide note. People interpreted it as a possible suicide note and they are making themselves heard on social media ever since. 

Rod Wave Dead Or Alive: Was He Shot?

Rod Wave has become a subject of death rumors yet again. And no, he wasn’t shot. 

The rumors about his death are surfacing after he released a song on Youtube. Thousands of people listened to the song and interpreted it as a possible suicide note. 

Moroever, Rod Wave deleted the song after some time and has deleted all of his social media handles as well. This has left fans worrying about him as they are scared if the singer may take some bad steps. 

Meet Rod Wave Baby Momma Kelsey On Instagram

Rod Wave has two children with his girlfriend, Kelsey “Dee.” 

With the rapper out of social media, attention has turned towards his girlfriend. Everyone is trying to connect with Kelsey on Instagram and Twtter.  

Unfortunately, Kelsey’s Instagram account has been deleted too. She went by the username, @dee_.18 and it was private. As of now, the Insta profile is nowhere to be found. 

Rod Wave Age And Wikipedia

Rod Wave is currently just 22 years of age. 

A singer and rapper born and raised in Florida, he stepped into the music world professionally in 2016. He has given a lot of hit albums in a short span of around 5 years already. 

The singer’s greatest hit came in 2019 when his single, Heart On Ice became a sensation on Youtube and TikTok. A lot of fans considered him a genuine Soul trap singer and rapper. 

Rod Wave has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography. 

Rod Wave Suicide Rumors: What Happened?

Rod Wave recently uploaded a song whose lyrics are interpreted as “suicidal.”

The song has caused a huge social media mess as fans are worried if the rapper would actually commit suicide. He has kept himself far away from the shades of social media already. 

Hope he is safe and we will get to listen to him again. 


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