The beautiful people wash their faces like this, the ugly people are free

Saying that you wash your face is wrong?! You must think that this is totally nonsense. I have been washing my face every day since I was a child. Is this still necessary? A street survey on women was conducted on this issue, and it was found that more than 80% of people’s face washing methods had errors or omissions.

In fact, skin problems such as blackheads and acne are all related to incorrect washing methods and improper washing. Even if you use expensive cosmetics, if the operation method is wrong, the cleansing and beauty effect will not be achieved.

17 Common senses about washing your face

Face washing 1: can you use a towel?

  1. Towels must be thoroughly washed once a week, filled with soap, and then rinsed with clean water.
  2. If possible, it is best to cook after washing. Or dry the towel in the sun, ultraviolet rays have a sterilizing effect.
  3. Frequently change sides when using.
  4. The towel for wiping the face must be separated from the towels for wiping feet, bathing, and wiping hair according to the purpose, not to mention mixing towels with other people.

Face washing 2: Washing hands before washing your face is essential

Wash before first use for hand washing or soap, full soft hand palm, then the flow of water to hand rinse. Only then can you start washing your face, and the foam with your hands is clean and clean, which can have a good facial decontamination effect.

Face washing 3: foam-type facial cleanser should be fully foamed

Pour an appropriate amount of cleansing milk in your palm and add a small amount of water to help rub the foam. Make enough foam, apply the rubbed foam evenly on the face, and then gently massage and massage in a clockwise direction with gentle intensity.

Face washing 4: Use a wash sponge to gently wipe the skin

Towel velvet is dozens of times larger than pores, and it is difficult to deeply remove stains from deep in the skin. Long-damp towels can breed bacteria and cause skin allergies . It is recommended to wash your face with a soft cleansing sponge, and to disinfect it frequently.

At the same time, you must not rub your skin hard when washing your face, as this will irritate the skin and cause more oil to be secreted. The main function of the face wash sponge is to make a rich foam so that the foam fully contacts the skin and cleans up the dirt in the deep pores.

Face washing 5: Do not use excessive amounts of cleansing products

The right amount of cleansing products should be appropriate. Too little will not wash clean; too much will cause skin sensitivity, increase the burden on the skin, and block pores.

No matter which cleansing product you choose, facial cleanser, facial cleanser, etc., remember not to use excessive amounts. If the cleansing is not thorough, it is easy to leave residues and damage the skin.

Face washing 6: Would you choose facial cleansing products?

Choose soft cleansing milk, avoid using inferior cleansing products with high alkaline content, and choose mild and moderate skin care products when choosing products. Some cleansing products that contain fruit acids on the market are too acidic and are not suitable for everyone’s skin. Please pay attention to your choice when buying.

Face washing 7: Use weak cleansing products in the morning and strong cleansing products at night

Use different cleansing products morning and evening, because the skin is in a different state. In the morning, the cleaning power is weak, mainly to clean the oil secreted by the skin during sleep.

At night, the dust and oil on the skin are dirty, and the cleaning power should be strong. Therefore, the best practice is to choose two cleansing products with different effects, using the weaker cleansing product in the morning and the powerful cleansing product at night.

Face washing 8: Treat different areas differently when washing your face

To focus on cleaning the T zone, hairline and temples. The T-shaped zone is the easiest to hide dirt, so rub it several times. Hairline and temples are easy to remain, so you should pay special attention to washing. Eyes are more sensitive, so leave them to wash at the end.

Face washing 9: Check the foam on the hairline

Check whether the foam on the hairline is cleaned. If the foam on the hairline is not cleaned, it will cause acne on the forehead. If you love acne on your forehead, be sure to check for residue after washing your face and clean it up in time to ensure that there is no residual foam on the skin.

Face washing 10: Wash the foam to be gentle

Be gentle when rinsing, too hard, it will hurt your skin. After rinsing, you need to gently press on your face with a moistened towel. Reminder, in the process of cleansing, you must be careful not to rub the skin rough, otherwise it will damage the skin’s fibrous tissue and affect the skin’s elasticity.

Face washing 11: Try to use running water

Try to use plenty of flowing water. When rinsing the facial cleanser, in addition to the facial cleanser, you must press it on your face with your hands. Try not to use your hands and towels as much as possible, but use a spoon to wash your face with flowing water.

Face washing 12: Tap the face with cold water to shrink pores

After the cleansing is over, after checking that the entire face has been cleaned, you can rinse the entire face with cold water to help tighten the face , promote blood circulation, and achieve the effect of shrinking pores.

Face washing 13: Wipe off the water in time after washing your face and apply lotion

After cleaning, use a clean towel to gently absorb moisture from your face, and then apply toner to your face. Then use a moisturizing lotion cream to maintain the moisture content of the skin, keep the skin moist, and make the skin full of elasticity.

If you do not wipe your face dry after washing your face, the natural evaporation of water will consume the heat and moisture of the skin, constrict the blood vessels of the skin , and make it easier to produce tightness, dryness and peeling, and induce wrinkles. Reminder, remember to use toner after washing your face to help the skin lock in moisture, this is a very important link.

Face washing 14: Use a cotton dry towel to wipe your face

After washing your face, use a soft, dry cotton towel to gently press it on your face and let the hair on the towel absorb the moisture on your face. Some girls feel that paper towels are cleaner and more comfortable.

The paper towels are rough and quickly absorb oil and moisture, thus rubbing cosmetic particles into the skin pores. On the one hand it is not easy to clean, on the other hand it makes the skin rough. We should choose a soft dry towel to wipe our face. The action should be gentle and not too dry. It should leave a water film on the skin.

Face washing 15: wash your face no more than 3 times a day

Some MM skin oils, thinking about washing your face several times, may also inhibit the formation of acne. Even if you have oily skin , you should not wash your face more than 3 times a day.

Excessive cleaning may destroy the natural protective film formed on the surface of the skin, and stimulate the secretion of skin oil to become more vigorous, so that the face will become more and more oily, and it is easy to cause damage to the skin barrier function, sensitive and fragile. Many sensitive skins are caused by excessive cleansing.

Face washing 16: Don’t wash your face for too long

If you wash your face and massage for too long, it will rub the grease and dirt that has just been rubbed into the skin again. As a result, the more you wash, the less clean it is; in addition, removing the oil on the face for a long time will also cause excessive cleansing, the skin’s water and oil imbalance, and the skin will become drier.

It is recommended to use facial cleanser to gently massage the face in circular motions for about a minute to wash out the dirt, and use water to wash away the dirt and excess facial cleanser ingredients.

Face washing 17: Wash your face with warm water and keep it at around 35℃

Wash your face with warm water, the best temperature is kept at about 35 ℃, can gently take away the sebum, dust, residue and other dirt on the face. Some people have the wrong idea that the temperature of hot water can soften cuticles, dissolve some oils, and make cleansing more thorough.

Although overheated water can help soften the stratum corneum, it also damages the stratum corneum. Excessive cleansing of oils will cause the skin to age faster. Too cold water can irritate the skin, close the pores and make it impossible to wash away dirt.

Three shouldn’t wash your face

People often do some “ineffective labor” in daily life. Taking face washing as an example, there are three things that should not be done, which are time-consuming and material-consuming, and are not good for skin tone.

Should not use washbasin

Not to mention whether the washbasin is clean, just talk about the wash water in it , after the hand and face interaction, it becomes more and more muddy, and finally ends in uncleanness.

It is far better to wash your face with running water in your hands: first rub your hands clean, then wash your face with your hands, one hand is worse than one hand, and it will be all clean after a few handfuls.

Should not use wet towels

Long-wet non-dry towels are good for the growth of various microorganisms. Washing your face with a wet towel is equivalent to smearing various bacteria on your face . Towels should always be kept clean and dry. Wash your face with your hands and then dry it with a dry towel. It is quick and hygienic.

Should not use soap

Facial skin has a large number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and a natural “premium beauty cream” is being synthesized every moment, forming an invisible protective film on the skin. It is slightly acidic and has a powerful antiseptic and skin care effect.

The alkaline soap not only destroys its protective effect, but also stimulates the sebaceous glands to “produce oil.” The more you use soap to “degreas”, the more oil will be produced by the sebaceous glands, which will eventually be difficult to clean up. It can be seen that if the skin is not too dirty, it should not be washed with soap.

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