The causes of the dull pain in the left lower abdomen

In normal times, you will find that some people will suddenly feel pain in their stomach or abdomen. Even if it is a slight pain, it must be dealt with in time. Even though abdominal pain is relatively common, there are many reasons for abdominal pain, so for your health, you must go to the hospital for examination in time to find out the specific cause. So what is the cause of the dull pain in the lower left abdomen?

Abdominal pain can be divided into many types. Different situations have different feelings of pain, and the cause of left lower abdominal pain is different for men and women.

The causes of the dull pain in the lower left abdomen of women are: tumoral pain. If a malignant tumor occurs on the body, the lower left abdomen will feel pain, and it may even spread to the lower limbs. Some chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs , some women have long-term lower abdominal pain, especially during the menstrual cycle , the more tired menstrual cycle is out of balance, this situation is likely to be chronic pelvic inflammation .

Dysmenorrhea, women’s dysmenorrhea can also cause abdominal pain, but this condition will gradually decrease and eventually heal itself.

The cause of the dull pain in the left lower abdomen in men is usually caused by diseases, such as prostatitis , varicocele, and epididymitis. Men suffering from these diseases will cause pain in the lower left abdomen . These diseases will affect the daily life and work of the patient, and also endanger the health of the body, so timely treatment must be required.

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