Drilla Tiktok Song “Freestyle” Remix – What Is Head Bob Song?


People are rhythmically bobbing their heads over TikTok as part of a new “dancing” trend. Here are the following details. 

The popular trend has been all over TikTok, the simple yet catchy 8 seconds video has taken over millions of likes to the creators.

Not only that, the song is so catchy that it sticks to everyone’s head.

The videos tend to look very similar due to the nature of the trend and so often blend.

Despite this, new entries into the ‘Head Bobbing’ trend continue to pour in.

@delta dream team #deltaairlines #avgeek #pilot ♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

Trend: What is the Drilla Tiktok Song “Freestyle” Remix About?

@liverpoolfans.com was the first TikTok account to feature the now-famous soundtrack in late August. 

The basic tune, which is commonly referred to as the ‘head bobbing’ song, is actually a remix of Opps & Blocks’ “Drilla – Freestyle.”

The original track song was first released earlier this year and instantly became a TikTok favorite.


Guess who’s in Amsterdam

♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

What Is Head Bobbing Song on TikTok?

Even though the original upload was made in August, the trend has just really taken off in the last month or so. The most popular videos put a subtle twist to the simple trend by adding context via text overlay to give humor or drama to the final product.

The song popularized Opps & Blocks’ song on TikTok, where it spawned hundreds of cute, easy videos and a dancing craze that anyone could master.

@neecoolio snowboarding szn is upon us 🏂❄️🌨 #mammoth #mammothmountain #snowboarding #snowboardingtiktok #headbopping #headboppingchallenge #thanksgivingbreak ♬ Drilla – liverpoolfans.com

Even though the initial trend gained traction on the app, this update has taken things to another interesting level. Not only has the Head Bopping song and dance movement gotten a lot of attention on TikTok, but it’s also gotten a lot of views, with approximately 61 thousand views as of this writing.

Not to add that the Head Bopping trend is accessible to creators of all ages. As a result, it’s safe to predict that this trend will only get more popular over time.

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