What are the difference between pressed powder and loose powder?

When summer arrives, no matter how delicate makeup you go out, it will definitely become a water curtain hole, so setting makeup has become one of the necessary skills in summer.

When it comes to setting makeup, everyone must first think of powder and loose powder, but there are also some fairies who still don’t understand the difference between pressed powder and loose powder, and don’t know how to use it.

Today, come to the difference between pressed powder and loose powder under the popular science, let everyone feel these good makeup.

Both powder and loose powder are powder in nature, but in fact, there are still many girls who can’t distinguish between these two products. In short, powder is a base makeup product, so it also has a certain concealer , brightens skin, and makeup The effect of the effect.

The loose powder is generally used after makeup, more of a makeup effect. About the difference between more pressed powder and loose powder, then look down.

The difference between pressed powder and loose powder

1: different shapes

Pressed powder is generally compressed in a solid state, into a block, which is compressed into a round or square shape. Easy-to-carry shape design, easy to take out for makeup. The loose powder, as the name implies, is a fine powder form, because it contains fine talc powder, the fine powder form is also conducive to the rapid absorption of excess oil on the face.

2: different powder quality

Compared with the powder and loose powder, the powder quality of the powder will be relatively coarse, and the density of the pigment particles is higher, so the powder used as a base makeup has a better effect on concealer , but because the powder is thicker Powdery texture, it is recommended to apply makeup in accordance with the amount of personal skin, so as not to make the makeup look heavy and disobedient.

The powder quality of loose powder is relatively delicate, and you can choose the appropriate loose pink number according to your skin’s needs. Therefore, the makeup feel is more natural, but it is prone to floating powder. It is recommended to hydrate the skin before makeup. Make up after moisturizing.

3: different methods of use

Compact powders are usually matched with sponge puffs, so they are more suitable for take-out. During use, the sponge puff is completely attached to the powder chassis, gently pressed to pick up the powder, and then applied to the face by pressing. 

If you want a more natural makeup, you can use a spray to moisten the sponge puff, and then apply the powder and makeup. For loose powder, you can use loose powder brush or sponge powder puff. The loose powder brush is more fluffy and is generally used for setting makeup.

The loose powder brush can grab a small amount of loose powder to help create a thin makeup. For girls who have a strong covering effect, you can Use sponge powder puff to apply loose powder for makeup or set makeup.

As just mentioned, one of the difference between pressed powder and loose powder is that loose powder has more color difference. Different colors of loose powder have different effects to modify skin color, and can be selected according to their own skin color or skin quality problems. Here are some examples of loose pink numbers for your reference.

Ivory white loose powder is a natural color of the public, in addition to setting makeup, it can also play a role in brightening the complexion.

Purple loose powder can be used to balance the yellowish, dull complexion, helping to get rid of the “yellow face woman” dilemma.

Green loose powder can be used to balance the skin parts where the face is red or black, so that the overall face is more even.

Blue loose powder is more suitable for skin with freckles on the face , because blue has a good transfer effect, apply a layer of blue loose powder under the eyes or freckles, which can make the face look while modifying the facial skin It looks more three-dimensional.

Well, if you read the above content, then you must have a deeper understanding of the difference pressed between powder and loose powder. A good makeup not only needs to be applied to the bottom of the makeup, it is better to set the makeup lasting, and the correct use of powder and loose powder can better help you stay away from the shine and exquisite and lasting.

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