Did Robin Dole Divorce Or Was She Never Married? Husband Name & Wedding Photos

Robin Dole is assumed to have been a part of divorce but the info about her private and married life is unheard to date.

Robin Dole has attended the funeral of her father Bob Dole.

Bob Dole, 98, passed away on December 5 saw his funeral being held on Friday at the Washington National Cathedral being surrounded by his family, friends, and members of Congress.

President Joe Biden, former Sens. Pat Roberts and Tom Daschle, and his daughter Robin Dole is scheduled to provide tribute to the deceased.

Prior to Dole’s funeral, he was being remembered and honored as the Senate’s longest serving Republican leader by the President Joe Biden and other fellow congressional members.

We are here to talk about the late great’s daughter Robin Dole who was a part of police escort who took her father to the funeral service.

Did Robin Dole Divorce Or Was She Never Married?

Robin Dole’s marital status has never been updated to date.

With the daughter of Bob Dole attending the funeral of her father and not being revealed to have partner by her side, one could not state about the details regarding her married life.

But the 67-years-old daughter of Bob is considered to be a married woman who has yet to discuss about her private life to the public.

While some may believe her to be a divorced woman, we cannot confirm about the information about her personal details.

Dole was known to be a single woman who was fond of kids when she was interviewed back in 1996. Things may have changed during these 25 years but she has not updated about her marital status.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user by the same name has stated in her bio as a mother of twins.

Robin Dole Husband Name

Robin Dole’s husband is unidentified at the moment.

While her father Bob Dole was a husband of Phyllis Holden for 24 years and Elizabeth Dole till the time of his final breath, Robin’s better-half is not known to the public to date.

Robin was born to her parents Bob Dole and his first wife Phyllis in 1954.

Although the detail of her husband is remained undisclosed at the moment, she was known to be in a relationship with Roger Schwartz.

The former couples were together during their high-school and college years.

Robin Dole Wedding Photos

Robin Dole is not known to be married so her wedding photos are not available at the moment.

She was raised in Kansas and Washington D.C and had studied in Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Dole was a graduate of psychology who had her experience of working as a secretary and lobbyist before working for her father. 

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