Did Demaryius Thomas Have A Medical Condition? Was It Cancer Or Other Illness?

Demaryius Thomas is believed to lose his life having a medical condition as per the officials. Let us pray together for his soul to rest in peace.

The early indication of Demaryius’s death was said to be a medical issue. Police found him dead at his home in Roswell GA, on Thursday, 9th December 2021.

The legend’s death brought heartache to all his fans and the sports industry. It is, however, sad news that he died so early at the age of 33, a few days before his birthday.

Did Demaryius Thomas Have A Medical Condition?

Demaryius Thomas was a successful and football star who played for the National Football League. He earned five straight Pro Bowl honors and a Super Bowl ring.

He had an accident in 2019 that caused an injury to him and the other two passengers. At the beginning of the investigation, his death was suspected that stemmed from a medical issue.

The police officer didn’t find any other reason associated with his death. The family member of an Ex-NFL player informed the Roswell police team about Thomas, who was found dead.

They found his body in a shower at his own home around 9 p.m. EST. There are rare conditions in which are unique cases of cancer that could result to create seizures.

The star, who played in the NFL in 2019, appeared in 11 games with 10 starts or the New York Jets. He announced his retirement officially in June this year. He missed 3 games in 2019.

Thomas health with a hamstring injury ahead of the Week 15 game against the Ravens so, he missed the games. Similarly, he missed Week 3 game against Cleveland Browns in 2019.

Demaryius Thomas Had Any Illness Or Cancer – Health Issues

A first cousin of Demaryius Thomas, LaTonya Bonseigneur shared information to The Associated Press that the athlete might die out of his seizure. So is the belief of his family members.

Bonseigneur informed the authorities that he had been suffering from seizures for the past year. His illness, a seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. 

Seizure in a cancer patient could be caused by chemotherapy especially when it is given through the spine. But there is no information about Thomas having cancer too. 

Update On Demaryius Thomas Surgery

Demaryius Thomas got injured several times since 2010. He got his pedal foot fractured, pedal Achilles tears, hand finger fracture, pedal ankle sprained, cervical neck injury, and more.

When he was in college, he sustained a head cranial concussion. It was on September 26th of 2010 when he was in his final college season. He kept up his spirit on games though.

Probably, he underwent surgeries with his injuries list. There is no serious medical history found that could take his life. Moreover, his cousin mentioned that he was having seizures.

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