Did Bob Dole Have Grandchildren? Daughter Robin Dole Husband & Family Pictures

The news of Bob Dole’s death was confirmed on December 5. Many people wonder if he had any grandchildren, even though he was a great husband.

Bob’s death was announced via his wife Elizabeth Dole’s Foundation’s official Twitter account, which devastated several people.

People like former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, and others have paid their respects since then.

Did Bob Dole Have Grandchildren? 

Bob Dole did not have any grandchildren. However, Bob and his first wife, Phyllis Holden, are the delighted parents of a daughter named Robin Dole. According to CNN, the couple married in 1948 and went their ways in 1972.

Despite their divorce, Bob made it a point to be present for his daughter. According to the publication, Robin grew up in Kansas and Washington, D.C.

She went to Virginia Polytechnic Institute to study Psychology and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. After that, she bounced about from job to job over the years, working as a lobbyist, secretary, and other positions.

She even volunteered for Bob’s campaign. Even though she did not have an official title for her responsibilities, she determined to give it her all.

Bob Dole’s Daughter Robin Dole Husband -Is She Married?

Robin Dole has kept her husband’s identity a secret. She is married, according to multiple sources.

Her family, on the other hand, is unknown. We also have no information regarding her children.

Robin Dole is a teacher who loves what she does. She has worked at Widener University in a variety of capacities.

She began her career as a Clinical Assistant Professor, according to reports. He began working as an Associate Professor after four years of service.

Robin was named Associate Dean and Professor soon after. Interestingly, she has worked at the university for more than 26 years.

Who Is Bob Dole Wife Elizabeth? His Son And Daughter 

According to CNN, Bob met Phyllis while working as a therapist at a veterans hospital in Battle Creek. Phyllis would assist Bob with his college classes and tasks during this time. Their friendship quickly developed into a relationship.

While the couple appeared to be strong, things began to fall apart when Bob became involved in politics.

It was difficult for the couple to spend time together, harming their marriage. After a few years, the couple decided to call it quits.

Bib Dole Family Pictures On Twitter 

Bina M. (1904–1983) and Doran Ray Dole (1901–1975) gave birth to Dole on July 22, 1923, in Russell, Kansas. His father had a small creamery in Russell, where the family had relocated just before Robert was born.

The father of Dole’s future Senate colleague Arlen Specter was one of Dole’s father’s customers. The Doles lived at 1035 North Maple Street in Russell, which served as his official residence during his political career.

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