Democratic candidate. Joe Biden, a Long Time Veteran Centrist

Joe Biden is the first-born of Joseph Biden and Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, who are of Irish origin. He was born in 1942 in a small Pennsylvania town called Scranton, where he lived until he was 11 years old, when the family moved to Delaware. Like Trump, he never stood out as a student, although he did manage to graduate in History and Political Science in 1965.

In 1969 he married Neilia Hunter, with whom he had three children, Beau, Hunter and Naomi. Two years later, he pursued a major at Syracuse University and obtained an internship as a lawyer, which will lead him to live in Wilmington and come into contact with local politics. A year later, at 27, he became a New Castle County Councilor.

1972 was the year that forever changed Joe Biden’s life for better and for worse. In November, and by a difference of 3,000 votes, Biden obtained his position as senator for the first time, in a position in which he would repeat six times until 2008. Only a few weeks later, in a tragic traffic accident, his wife died Neilia and her daughter Naomi, while her sons Beau and Hunter survived. Biden considered abandoning his political career and if he did not, it was because the Democratic party convinced him otherwise. A year later, already in the oath of office, he became the sixth youngest senator in US history.

In his daily routine, he would take the train to Wilmington, where he worked, for three hours so that he could be with his two surviving children. Four years later, in 1977, he rebuilt his life and married Jill Jacobs, with whom he had another girl named Ashley, who was born in 1981. He participated in the controversial Comprehensive Crime Control Act, which he later denied with the years.

As with Trump, Joe Biden has thought several times during his life about running for president as a candidate for the presidency. The first time for Biden was in 1984, although he soon abandoned the idea or put it off. The fact is that he simultaneously obtained the position of head of the Senate Justice Committee, which he will maintain until 1995. He voted against the Gulf War that George Bush (father) started against Saddam Hussein, who had just invaded Kuwait. In 2001 he supported the intervention in Afghanistan after the attacks of September 11 and, two years later, the invasion of Iraq proposed by George Bush (Jr.).

In 2007 he ran for the primaries again without success, but shortly after Barack Obama rescued him to accompany him on his presidential ticket. The couple won the elections in 2008 and repeated their triumph four years later. After 7,000 train rides from Washington to Wilmington, local authorities name the station after him. In 2016 he decides not to appear and make way for Hillary Clinton. It will be after Trump’s victory over Clinton when he cherishes the possibility of fulfilling his dream of being president, and more so by defeating the New York tycoon, whom he deeply hates.

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