Can you jog during menstruation? Choosing the right exercise is good for your health

The menstrual period is a very special period. During this period, women should pay special attention to all aspects. A slight mistake will cause discomfort and cause yourself to suffer. Among them, some women insist on jogging every day to help exercise. Because menstrual period is very special, I have a question “Can I jog during menstruation?” In order to take care of the body, women are advised to take a look.

Can you jog during menstruation

During menstruation, you can exercise properly, such as jogging. However, the first one or two days will not work. In the later period, the body will recover a little, and it will work if there is more physical strength. Because in the first few days, women will have dysmenorrhea, they are easily fatigued and have poor physical strength. If you jog at this time, it will increase your dysmenorrhea and make your body more tired.

When you want to jog during your menstrual period, it is recommended to do it when your period is almost over. Also, pay attention to speed when jogging, as well as exercise intensity and time. Running slowly for more than ten minutes or half an hour is enough. The main purpose is to exercise the body. If the jogging time is too long, it will cause the body to sweat a lot, and it may also cause an increase in menstrual blood.

In fact, it is not good to just lie down during the menstrual period. If you want to improve your discomfort, you should exercise properly. But exercise method should be chosen correctly, walking is the best exercise method. Because walking can move the limbs, and the intensity is not high, there is no need to worry about jumping to cause dysmenorrhea. Persistent walking for half an hour can also promote blood circulation, let menstrual blood discharge better, and help improve dysmenorrhea.

When women exercise during the menstrual period, it is important to remember that exercise during this period is very different from daily exercise. Some precautions must be kept in mind, and do it: for example, do not choose confrontational basketball, football, such as sprint or relay, such as swimming, etc. If these exercises are done during the menstrual period, it is not only prone to discomfort, but also increases the chance of infection of the private parts, resulting in an outbreak of gynecological inflammation.

Several things you can’t do during your menstrual period

1. The same room

When in the same room, it is easy to bring bacteria into the vagina, causing vaginal infections. If it is not cured in time, it will affect other organs. After a long period of time, the body will often suffer from illness. Moreover, it is easy to cause pelvic congestion in the same room, which is not conducive to the discharge of menstrual blood and is prone to discomfort such as dysmenorrhea.

So, don’t share your room during your menstrual period. Even if you have an idea, you have to hold back, because during the menstrual period, there will be high sexual desire, maybe the consciousness knows that it is impossible to get pregnant at this time, so that you have a stronger idea. However, for health reasons, sharing rooms must be prohibited.

2. Avoid irritating food

Some women in life have a strong taste and love spicy food. It is recommended not to eat during menstruation. Because spicy foods are very irritating, eating too much will stimulate women’s bodies, which will disturb the physiological cycle and even cause problems such as prolonged menstrual days.

Therefore, during menstruation, please stay away from barbecue, dry pot, and spicy dishes, even if the taste is fragrant, you must control your mouth.

3. Avoid cold food

It is summer and the hottest season. Many women like to eat cold food to cool themselves down. Although it is very cool, it is recommended not to eat before and after menstruation and during menstruation. So as not to induce or aggravate your dysmenorrhea problem, causing great discomfort to yourself.

This is because there is coldness in the cold food. If you eat too much, it will cause a lot of coldness to be eaten into the body. Cold gas can affect blood circulation, which can cause menstrual blood flow to be blocked and cannot be discharged from the uterus smoothly. For this reason, the uterus can accelerate contraction, which in turn causes pain.

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