Can Olive Oil Be Used For Skin Care?

We all know that olive oil is rich in nutrients and its effects are also very powerful. So, can olive oil be used for skin care? Do you use olive oil to wipe your face? Let’s take a look together below.

Can olive oil be used for skin care?

Olive oil can be used for skin care, but not all olive oil can be directly rubbed on the face. The consumption of olive oil must be graded. If it is a good grade extra virgin olive oil, it can be used for skin care .

Edible olive oil is extracted from olive fruit, including peel, pulp and pit; while extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the most essential part, after repeated extraction, it is more gentle in nature and will not hurt skin.

Olive oil is rich in squalene and essential fatty acids, which have excellent affinity with the skin, and is quickly absorbed, effectively maintaining skin elasticity and moisturizing.

The rich monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E, K, A, D and phenolic antioxidants contained in olive oil can eliminate facial wrinkles, prevent skin aging , have skin care and hair care, and prevent hand and foot cracks. Ultraviolet rays can be combated and skin cancer avoided by adding olive oil to the skin.

Eat olive oil to wipe your face

There are many functions of olive oil, and both young and old can know some. But in addition to the edible olive oil that can be used to add delicious dishes, there is also an olive oil that can be used by female friends for skin care. The olive oil used for skin care is generally extra virgin, its texture is relatively pure, and the skin care effect is very good.

Use extra virgin olive oil for skin care, and its effect is better than those skin care products under the banner of olive oil. So, if you can get this olive oil, don’t waste it, and use it for skin care. The olive oil we usually use can only be used for cooking, and must not be used for skin care.

Many people have dry skin, so we need to do a good job of moisturizing . The various trace elements contained in olive oil can relieve the degree of chapped skin a lot, and can also help the skin to lock water, making the skin supple. Some girls with dry skin will find a lot of white dander on their body skin in autumn and winter.

In fact, this is because the body is too dry to produce some substances. When these white dander’s are produced, the girls can still feel the skin is itchy. At this time, apply some extra virgin olive oil on it to suppress the itching feeling and improve the dryness of the skin . Therefore, many girls like to use olive oil in autumn and winter.

In fact, using olive oil for skin care in spring and summer is also very good. Our skin is exposed to wind and frost all year round. We should take care of it, otherwise the skin condition will become very poor.

You might as well apply some olive oil while the body is still warm and the pores are relaxed after taking a bath to make it more effective.

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