Can I Apply Aloe Vera Gel After Applying the Mask

No matter which mask you use, you must wash your face. Otherwise, applying skin care products without washing your face can easily cause mud rubbing. After washing your face and applying aloe vera gel, it has a good skin care effect, because aloe gel has a certain anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect. It nourishes the skin and has a certain inhibitory effect on acne. It is very good for facial skin.

Aloe vera gel has the effect of activating cell vitality, delaying skin aging and protecting the skin. The calcium isocitrate inside can expand capillaries and strengthen cell vitality, because aloe vera gel is a gel extracted from pure plant aloe, which has a natural astringent effect. , Can make the skin firm and fine, effectively lock in moisture and inhibit the production of melanin.

If you use aloe vera gel as a face cream, don’t use too much, just massage it to make the skin absorb a little. Too much use will not be absorbed by the skin, and it will easily cause muddy phenomenon. Finally, the aloe vera gel is very sticky on the face In winter, if the moisturizing strength of aloe vera gel is not enough, it will be a little dry. It is best to use other types of skin care products, such as cream or lotion. In summer, you can use aloe vera gel alone to moisturize. The skin is refreshing, comfortable and not greasy. Therefore, it will not burden the skin.

The use of aloe vera gel as a sleeping mask does not need to be applied thickly. You only need to apply a thin layer and go to bed without using massage techniques. Wake up the next day and clean your face. You will instantly feel the skin moisturized, smooth and white.

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