Apple Will Use The Retail Store Network To Deliver Goods Currently Covering North America

According to reports, Apple The retail store network will be used as a distribution center to deliver goods to consumers. Previously, many other retailers have adopted similar practices.

In the past, Apple usually shipped iPhones, Mac computers, iPads, and other goods from the warehouses where consumers are located, or from China where the factories are located. According to sources, Apple will now send inventory products directly to consumers from nearly 300 retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Apple will use The Retail Store Network
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The source said that Apple told employees that this adjustment means that for consumers who live far from the distribution center but relatively close to the retail store, delivery time will be shortened. In Canada, these items will be shipped via UPS and in the United States via FedExShipment, the fastest can be delivered the next day. This option is suitable for consumers whose delivery address is within 100 miles (approximately 160 kilometers) of the Apple retail store.

Apple is preparing to start selling a series of new products, including four new 5G iPhones, the new iPad Air, a headset, a smaller HomePod, and the first Mac computer equipped with Apple’s own processor.

From June to July this year, after some retail stores resumed business from the closure of the new crown virus epidemic, Apple tested the project in a few stores. The source said that this project is covering more retail stores in Canada and the United States, but not all stores have been included. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on this news.

In recent years, many department store chains have begun to ship directly from stores to consumers. This approach is also accepted by other retailers. Apple told employees that this approach reduces costs, potentially increases product profit margins, and is good for environmental protection.

Customers themselves cannot choose whether to ship from the store, nor can they decide when to ship. People familiar with the matter said that the decision on where to ship from is made by the Apple operations team.

The change in shipping methods ensures that stores that are still closed or restricted due to the new crown virus epidemic can continue to assist Apple in selling products. Apple also discussed transforming certain stores into online support centers or sales call centers in case the epidemic causes the stores to close again. In some stores, backyard rooms have begun to transform into small call centers.

In the past few months, some retail employees have begun to work from home, engaged in online sales and support.

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