Those places in Pattaya are most worth visiting

Speaking of traveling to Thailand, it is hard to think of Pattaya, the brightly lit city that never sleeps. However, when many people mention Pattaya, there is an ambiguous look in their brows. What is Pattaya in the eyes of most people? The stigma of “Red Light District of the World” will inevitably become the idle capital of the crowd. But if you really believe that the world-famous “walking street” is all of Pattaya, you are wrong. There are many best tourist places in Pattaya

Pattaya has blue sky and clear water, sand holding golden beaches; coconut grove pavilions, small villas covered by green leaves; There are novel and exciting water skiing, surfing, parachuting and other water activities that are not enough to play; there are lights Bright, it seems to have a colorful night view of all the fireworks and stars; more leisurely and contented, a group of simple people enjoying life in peace.

Because thousands of tourists visit every day, it is inevitable that people will feel that this place is seriously commercialized and lose its purest flavor. However, do you know that even in this crowded “Night City”, life can be turned into poetry. It is never the environment that makes people, but you decide what kind of life you live. By the way, it has another given name-“Oriental Hawaii”.

7 Best Tourist Places in Pattaya

1. Pattaya Beach

Pattaya has become synonymous with “beach holiday paradise”. Pattaya Beach is known as Oriental Hawaii. It is located in the finest sandy and clearest section of the 15-kilometer coastline of Pattaya. It is about 3 kilometers long and best tourist places in Pattaya.

Pattaya Beach
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The slope is gentle, the sand is white as silver, the sea is clean, and the sun is shining, making it an excellent beach. The southern part of Pattaya Beach is more lively and noisy because it is close to the walking street. If you like a quieter seaside, the northern part of the beach will satisfy all your fantasy of summer seaside.

There are many beautiful beach hotels and resorts here. These hotels have complete facilities and good service. Some even have elements like bars and swimming pools that young people like. During the day, if you are lazy to go out, you can also stay in the hotel to enjoy the meticulous service and various supporting facilities.

2. Gran Island

Also known as Koh Lan Island, it takes about 30-40 minutes to take a big boat from Pattaya Pier. After reaching the shallow sea, transfer to a unique glass-bottom boat to enjoy the wonders of the sea, clear waters, colorful corals, and colorful Small sea fish and jellyfish, etc. have a panoramic view.

Gran Island

Coral Island’s main beaches are Da Yuan Beach, Thong Lang Beach, Sand Bay Beach, Tian Beach, Samed Beach and Ivory Bay. Among them, Da Yuan Beach has clear blue waters. Tian Beach is popular with local residents because of its tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Love, every weekend, many Thai families come here to enjoy the fresh air, bright sunshine and clear water.

Drinking fresh coconut milk that was just picked, and enjoying a Thai massage, it was so uncomfortable. Samay Beach is another relatively long beach. There are many European tourists on this road. They like to sunbathe here wantonly. Gran Island on of the best best tourist places in Pattaya And Ivory Island is more suitable for lovers to visit, here is sparsely populated, the island scenery is particularly charming. Coral Island has beautiful and pleasant scenery and is the best choice for enjoying life and vacation.

3. Qizhen Foshan

Qizhen Foshan is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ninth emperor’s accession to the throne. It specially uses a laser to carve a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha. This is the largest statue of Sakyamuni Buddha in Pattaya, sharing an 18-ton 24K gold sculpture. Many ancient Buddha statues were also excavated in this mountain.

Qizhen Foshan

Of course, it also has a saying. Legend has it that this is where the dragon veins are found by a high monk for the Ninth Emperor. He cut a mountain in the shape of a mountain, flattened the mountain, and carved a big Buddha with 4 tons of gold. The meditating Buddha statue is made of gold inlaid lines imported from Italy.

The gold thread is dazzling. There is a relic of Sakyamuni hidden in the heart of the Buddha. The seated Buddha statue has a kind eyebrow and can be seen from a few miles away. Due to scientific and reasonable arrangements, coupled with the geographical environment, in addition to the front, the left and right sides can also see the gold of the Buddha sitting on the lotus seat. Qizhen Foshan is one of the best tourist places in Pattaya

4. Sifang Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market is particularly mentioned in the popular film and television work “Du Lala’s Promotion”. Is located in the center of Pattaya about five kilometers east of Sukhumvit Road. It is called “Sifang Floating Market” in Thai and best tourist places in pattaya. “It is named because it combines the characteristics of the four water markets in the north, west, south and north of Thailand.

Sifang Floating Market
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The waterways here are vertical and horizontal, and the wooden buildings on the water are unique. If you want to taste various Thai snacks at once, come to Sifang Floating Market! Ride a small canoe swaying on the water, shuttle between the pavilions and bridges, and appreciate the wonderful crafts from all over Thailand. The aquatic color is beautiful, enjoy the lazy lifestyle here.

5. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark Pattaya 

The entire water park is designed with the theme of Amazon rainforest and cartoon channel scenes. There are ten parks in total and best tourist places in pattaya. The design of the venue is full of cartoon flavor, whether it is a waterslide scene design or a cartoon star doll (such as a flying girl). Police, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, etc.) are also everywhere, and suitable for adults and children.

6. Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is located by the sea in Pattaya. The entire temple is made of more than 150 years of ancient wood. It is best tourist places in Pattaya and building does not use a nail. Lifelike wood carvings are all over every corner of the temple, showing the relationship between man and the universe and Thailand The exquisite woodcarving craftsmanship, the design style is mainly based on the traditional Asian art style and the gorgeous style of the Bangkok dynasty in Thailand.

Sanctuary of the Truth
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The craftsmen are still creating this magnificent artwork according to the original designer’s design. While appreciating art, you can also participate in leisure activities, such as riding elephants, horseback riding, horse-drawn carriages, wooden boats, yachts, watching Thai traditional dances and swordsmanship performances, and feeding baby sharks.

7. Nong Nooch Paradise

Nong Nooch Paradise is the private garden of the Royal Gardeners of Thailand. It covers an area of ​​more than 1,600 acres. There are French gardens, orchid gardens, butterfly hills, stone art groups, etc., a fairyland of dreams.

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Visitors can experience the beauty of plants bred by the tropical climate in the beautiful garden landscape, and then explore the warm and smart animals in the garden and interact with them. In the park, you can watch Thai traditional song and dance performances, play with clever elephants, take pictures with orangutans and parrots, and watch Muay Thai performances.

How to get there (depart from Bangkok)

Pattaya is located in Chonburi. Get on the train at Ekkamai Long-distance Station in Bangkok City East Station and go directly to Pattaya. From Bangkok, you can take the light rail and get off at Ekkamai Station. There is a bus to Pattaya in 40 minutes, which takes 2.2 hours. (The fare is about 100 baht)

Mini Bus|Mini Bus
Take the Skytrain Victory Monument station (Victory Monument) and get off. There is a van service nearby. It costs 100 baht to Pattaya.

Pattaya, a famous tourist city, has a long-standing reputation. In addition to crowded beaches and nightlife, there are many good places to enjoy a comfortable and slow life. Come here to experience a small and refreshing gameplay, with natural and cultural tourist attractions everywhere, and discover the other side of Pattaya. Read also 10 must-visit places to visit in Pattaya

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