7 Benefits of eating watermelon

Summer is here, and everyone slowly starts to eat watermelon , but what are the effects and functions of watermelon? Will eating too much make you gain weight? Many people have many questions and doubts about watermelon. Let’s take a look at the watermelon.

The benefits of eating watermelon

  1. Can add a lot of moisture needed by the body in hot weather, eat watermelon or watermelon juice can drain toxins and excess body heat, to heat hot weather .
  2. Contain a lot of nutrients. Compared with other fruits, watermelon juice is very rich in water content, which can supplement the nutrients needed by the human body.
  3. Can delay aging .
  4. Watermelon contains pro tease, which can help human body to absorb protein well.
  5. Watermelon contains a small amount of salt, which helps to treat nephritis; it also helps lower blood pressure and urination.
  6. Can prevent scurvy, cardiovascular disease, improve human immunity, promote new Chen Metabolism , reduce cholesterol deposition.
  7. It can also treat some oral diseases, sore throat, sore mouth and so on.

The efficacy and role of watermelon

  1. Watermelon clears away heat and detoxifies , can promote the body’s metabolism, help lower blood pressure and help digestion.

2. It has cosmetic effects. Many ingredients of watermelon are often used in facial masks to replenish water, moisturize and whiten skin, increase skin elasticity, and reduce skin wrinkles.

can alleviate pregnant women in pregnancy between body swelling and other symptoms.

  1. When your throat is swollen and painful , you can get rid of the fire and strengthen the spleen .
  2. It can relieve heat stroke and prevent symptoms such as heat stroke. Heatstroke in summer, the brain is hot, after the heat is dissipated, it can relieve the heat of heatstroke and help dissipate heat.
  3. Clearing away heat and detoxifying, can prevent acne in summer and relieve symptoms such as acne.
  4. Eat with lean meat and chicken for aphrodisiac .
  5. Watermelon rind can lower blood pressure and has a very good therapeutic effect on people with anemia, dry throat and cleft lip.
  6. Watermelon rind is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Rub it on the skin to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

Can I eat watermelon during menstruation?

Can’t. Watermelon, cold and slippery in nature, is also called cold melon. For good health, eat as little as possible.

If women often eat cold foods, cold foods or fruits during menstruation, it is not conducive to digestion and will damage people’s yang. Causes body cold, palace cold, etc., which is not conducive to pregnancy. The blood flow is not smooth, there is too little menstrual blood, the body is weak, and even dysmenorrhea .

Especially cold fruits like watermelon should be eaten as little as possible. Eating watermelon can make blood flow impossible or slow, causing blood clots in the body and causing menstrual pain. Even if it is all right for a short time, it will be a big hidden disease for girls in the long run.

Does eating watermelon get angry?

Watermelon is a cool fruit and will not get angry.

It is a good heat-relief fruit in summer , clearing away heat, detoxifying, diuresis and detoxification .

It can also relieve and treat sore throat, sore mouth and tongue, urinary system infection and other diseases. Lower blood pressure, detox and nourish skin.

Will eating watermelon cause fat?

will not. Generally high-calorie foods will gain weight, such as milk tea, chocolate and so on. But most fruits are low-calorie, especially watermelon, it is low-calorie fruit, it will not gain weight. A 10 kg watermelon is equivalent to the calories of 3 bowls of rice.

But everything has advantages and disadvantages. Although watermelon is low-calorie, it also contains a certain amount of sugar.

Who can not eat watermelon

  1. Mothers cannot eat. Watermelon is a kind of cold fruit. Eating too much can easily lose the spleen and stomach. It is recommended to eat less or not.
  2. People with poor kidney function eat less. The water content of watermelon is relatively high. If you eat too much, the water will accumulate in the body and cannot be eliminated in time, which can easily induce acute heart failure.
  3. People with diabetes cannot eat it. Watermelon contains a lot of sugar. If you have diabetes, eating too much can cause blood sugar to rise. In severe cases, it can cause metabolic disorders, which is life-threatening.
  4. If you suffer from oral ulcers, it is best not to eat watermelon.
  5. Watermelon contains more water, which will aggravate yin deficiency and internal heat, and cause oral ulcers to heal longer and longer.

Precautions for eating watermelon

1. Don’t eat watermelon during the cold

Especially the cold and cold, it will aggravate the illness or take longer and longer to recover. If it is wind-heat and cold, accompanied by high fever, thirst and other internal heat symptoms, you can eat a small amount of watermelon to help clear away heat and detoxify.

2. Diabetics should not eat watermelon

Especially after meals, which will easily increase the burden on the pancreas. Diabetics who eat watermelon will increase blood sugar and make the disease worse. In severe cases, metabolic disorders may occur and cause acidosis, which is life-threatening.

3. Patients with renal insufficiency

Watermelon contains a lot of water, even as high as 95%. If people with weak kidney function eat too much watermelon, it will cause a large amount of water to be stored in the body and increase blood volume. Therefore, it will not only increase the edema, but also easily induce acute heart failure.

4. Patients with oral ulcers

People with oral ulcers eat more watermelon, which will cause excessive drainage of the water needed for oral ulcer recovery, which will aggravate yin deficiency and internal heat, prolong the course of the disease and make it difficult to heal.

5. Do not eat too much watermelon before and after meals.

Eating too much watermelon before meals will increase the volume of the stomach, and the digestive juices in the stomach will be diluted, which will affect the intake of other foods and nutrients. Eating too much watermelon after a meal will affect the digestion and absorption of food. If you want to go on a diet to lose weight, you can eat some watermelon appropriately before meals to reduce food intake and achieve the effect of weight loss better.

It is best to eat watermelon two hours after a meal. This not only ensures the full absorption of nutrients, but also prevents the fruit from staying in the stomach and avoids the possibility of stomach pain and bloating.

6. Watermelon cannot be frozen for too long, not more than three hours

Watermelon is originally a cold fruit, cold storage will increase its coldness. If you refrigerate or freeze for too long, eat too much frozen watermelon, it will be very irritating to the stomach, it is easy to lose the spleen and stomach, contraction cramps may occur, and even stomach pain.

If you want to eat frozen watermelon, it is recommended to put the watermelon on the bottom layer of the refrigerator freezer, where the temperature should not be too low, 8-10℃, the temperature taste is the best. People with bad teeth, if they suffer from tooth decay and tooth decay, or those with poor gastric function, are not recommended to eat frozen watermelon.

After understanding the benefits, effects, functions, and precautions of watermelon, I hope everyone can learn to understand and eat watermelon correctly and have a happy summer.

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