25 Best Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is a hotspot for vacations in the United Arab Emirates. The city’s high-rise buildings and shopping centers have transformed from desert outposts to destination destinations, where tourists flock here to seek deals, sunshine and family entertainment.

Dubai is famous sightseeing attractions, such as the Burj Khalifa ( the Burj Khalifa) (the tallest building in the world) and shopping malls, the shopping centers are equipped with fierce ma aquarium and indoor ski slope.

However, the city has many cultural attractions and things to do, as well as all the charming modern decorations. Around Bastakia district stroll , you’ll find the old Dubai, then to a traditional dhow along Dubai Creek ( Dubai Creek) tour, you’ll soon realize that, in addition to the city there are more ornate finishes Many things.

Learn more about the best attractions with our list of popular attractions in Dubai

25 Best Things to Do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai 1. Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s landmark is the Burj Khalifa, with a height of 829.8 meters. It is the tallest building in the world and the city’s most famous attraction. For most tourists, in the city, you must travel to the 124th floor observation deck . From a bird’s eye perspective, the view of the entire city’s skyline is simply amazing.

The smooth observation deck experience includes multimedia presentations on the Dubai and Burj Khalifa buildings (completed in 2010), and then high-speed elevators will take you to the observation deck to enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of skyscrapers and the desert. The ocean is on the other side.

Due to the panoramic view of Dubai’s famous city lights, night visits are particularly popular with photographers. Buy tickets for the “top” of the Burj Khalifa in advance to avoid excessive queues, especially if you plan to visit on weekends.

Back to the ground, surrounding the Burj Khalifa is a beautifully designed garden with winding sidewalks. There are many water views here , including Dubai Fountain , the world’s tallest fountain based on the famous Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas .

Things to do in Dubai 2. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall ( Dubai Mall) is the city’s premier shopping mall, with access to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium . If you are looking for more entertainment options, there is also an ice rink, game area and cinema. Shopping and eating are endless, and there are almost always special events in the mall, such as live music performances and fashion shows.

The most famous of these are the Dubai Shopping Festival in January and February and the Dubai Summer Surprise Festival in July and August .

Things to do in Dubai 3. Dubai Museum

Dubai’s excellent museum is located in the Al-Fahidi fort , the castle was built in 1787, designed to defend Dubai Creek. The walls of the fortress are made of traditional coral and fixed with lime. The upper level is supported by wooden poles, and the ceiling is constructed of palm leaves, mud and stucco.

In its history, this fortress was once the residence of the ruling family, the seat of the government, the garrison and the prison. The museum was renovated in 1971 (and underwent a major refurbishment in 1995) and has now become the city’s premier museum.

There is an interesting exhibition at the entrance, showing the old maps of the UAE and Dubai, showing the violent impact of the violent expansion after the oil boom.

The courtyard is a house of several traditional boats and palm leaves on the UAE wind tower. The hall on the right features weapons and equipment, while the left-hand hall window displays UAE musical instruments. On the ground floor is the exhibition hall .

The display and diorama cover all aspects of UAE’s traditional life (including pearl fishing and Bedouin’s desert life), as well as the 3,000 to 4,000-year-old tombs at the Al Qusais archaeological site. Cultural relics.

Things to do in Dubai 4. Bastakia (Old Dubai)

The Bastakia block (also known as Al-Fahidi block) was built in the late 19th century and was the hometown of wealthy Persian merchants. These merchants were mainly engaged in pearl and textile transactions and were attracted to Dubai due to tax-free transactions and use rights. Dubai Creek .

Bastakia occupies the east of Bur Dubai along the small river, and the coral and limestone buildings (many of which have wind towers on the tops of the walls) are well preserved.

The wind tower provided an earlier form of air conditioning for the houses here-the wind trapped in the tower was leaked into the house. Persian merchants are likely to transplant this architectural element (common in Iranian coastal houses) from their home country to the Gulf.

The narrow driveway is lined with unique Arabic architecture, which is reminiscent of the past in Dubai’s history, and it is much slower. In the area , you will find the Majlis Gallery, which houses traditional Arabic ceramics and furniture (installed in a wind tower) and the Al Serkal Cultural Foundation , where there are shops, cafes and rotating art exhibitions (located in a historic building) .

Things to do in Dubai 5. The former residence of Sheikh Said Maktoum

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was the ruler of Dubai from 1921 to 1958 and the grandfather of the current ruler. His former residence has been rebuilt and restored as a museum , a model of Arab architecture.

The original house was built by Sheikh Saeed’s father in 1896, so he could observe the transportation on the balcony. It was demolished, but the current house was rebuilt next to the original site, and it was in keeping with the original model by combining teak carved doors, wooden lattice screens on the windows, and plaster ventilation screens with floral and geometric designs. There are 30 rooms built around the central courtyard with wind tower details on the top.

Inside are exhibits of Dubai’s historical photos and documentation museum , as well as many beautiful old photos of Dubai from 1948 to 1953. The museum’s sea wing has pictures of fishing, pearling and shipbuilding. Many letters, maps, coins and stamps are displayed throughout the building, showing the development of the emirate.

Nearby is Sheikh Obaid bin Thani’s mansion, which retains traditional interior decoration.

Things to do in Dubai 6. Dubai Creek and Asif District

Dubai Creek divides the city into two towns, Deira in the north and Bur Dubai in the south . The small river has always been an important factor in the development of the city, first attracting settlers to fish and catch pearls. The small village grew up next to the small river, more than 4,000 years ago, and the modern era began in the 1830s, when the Banias tribe settled in the area.

The Dhow Marina is located along the Dubai Creek north of the Al-Maktoum Bridge. Small vendors from the Gulf are still using it, and some dhows moored here have a history of more than 100 years. You can visit here and observe the cargo on and off the dhow. Workers on dhows often invite tourists to board the boat, where you can get an insight into the life of these traditional sailors. Many dhows here have flowed to Kuwait, Iran, Oman, India, and then to the Horn of Africa. This tiny ruin of Dubai’s traditional economy is still a fascinating and bustling place.

On the Bur Dubai side of the creek, there was friction with the Bastakia neighborhood. The waterfront area has been rebuilt into the Al Seef area . Its waterfront promenade is made of traditional coral blocks and limestone buildings. Support for floating markets and shops selling handicrafts. This is a good place for a walk, with beautiful water views.

To cross the creek, you can either take one of the dhows that have been restored as a tourist cruise ship, or take the abra (small wooden ferry) between the ferry point on Bur Dubai and Deira Bank on the creek.

Things to do in Dubai 7. Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque is considered by many to be the most beautiful mosque in Dubai. The Jumeirah Mosque (Jumeirah Mosque) is an exact replica of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo. It is eight times its size and a model of Islamic architecture. This stone structure is built in accordance with the medieval Fatimid (Fatimid) tradition, and there are two minarets that show the fine details of the stone carvings. It is particularly attractive at night illuminated by floodlights.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid ( Sheikh Mohammed the Bin Rashid) Center for Cultural Understanding (The center also organizes tours, lectures, courses and Arabic cultures meal plan), organized a guided tour of the mosque, designed to deepen Understanding of Muslim faith. The tour starts at 10am every day, except Friday.

Things to do in Dubai 8. Della

Della (Deira) Located in Dubai Creek ( Dubai Creek) of the North Shore, winding streets reveals a melting pot of many different ethnic groups, people have referred to Dubai. On the coast, ancient dhows are loaded and unloaded against the backdrop of modern banks, hotels and office buildings.

For travelers, Della (Deira) with its traditional souk (market) famous for the market at any time of the day Hee hee shop. Deira Gold Souk (door to the Deira Gold Souk) is the world’s largest gold market, the world-famous. Deira Spice Souk sells every conceivable spice, and the stalls are packed with sachets of frankincense, cumin, paprika, saffron, sumac and thyme, as well as fragrant Ude wood, rose water and incense. The fish market provides a more touristy experience.

While in the area, cultural lovers should not miss the two architectural treasures that Deira has meticulously restored. Heritage House was built in 1890 as the residence of a wealthy Iranian businessman, and later became the residence of Sheik Ahmed bin Dalmouk (the famous pearl merchant in Dubai). Today, this is a great opportunity to see the interior of a traditional family house. The Al Amalia School , built in 1912, is the oldest school in Dubai and is now a public education museum.

Things to do in Dubai 9. Dubai Frame

This huge, 150-meter-high picture frame sits between Dubai’s old neighborhoods and the modern spread of the river and the city. It beats like a pat and is one of Dubai’s newest attractions. Inside, a series of galleries will take you through the history of the city, exploring the heritage of the UAE, before heading to the sky deck, where you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of old and new Dubai from the sky observation deck.

After that, visit the Future Dubai Gallery, which can imagine the futuristic scene of the city.

Things to do in Dubai 10. Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road (Sheikh Zayed Road) is the main passage through Dubai’s modern downtown business district. This wide eight-lane highway is lined with tall glass, chrome and steel high-rise buildings along its entire length. It is one of the best ground viewing points for Dubai’s famous skyscraper landscape.

The main attractions are located in the area between the roundabout and the first intersection, or close to the area, and most of Dubai’s famous shopping malls are located along this road. The Dubai World Trade Tower is on its top floor, giving visitors a panoramic view, and (a cheaper option than Burj Khalifa) the lookout gold and diamond park (Sheikh Zayed Road) is a one-stop service for jewelry lovers, total 118 Manufacturers and 30 retailers.

Things to do in Dubai 11. Heritage and diving village

Dubai’s architectural, cultural and maritime heritage is displayed in the “Heritage and Diving Village”, displaying information related to pearl diving and dhow architecture – two of Dubai’s historic economic pillars. There are also traditional Bedouin and coastal village life entertainment venues, Persian houses, traditional cafes and a small open-air market, potters and weavers practicing handicrafts at the stalls. Local music and dance performances take place from October to April, and visitors can get advice from practitioners of traditional medicine.

Things to do in Dubai 12. Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city . The giant suspension tank on the first floor of the Dubai Mall can accommodate 140 species of marine life. In addition to free viewing from the shopping center, if you enter the Underwater Zoo , you can also go through the tunnel of the aquarium.

Different activities can help you understand marine life more carefully. Glass bottom boat tours (at the top of the water tank) are particularly popular. Cage snorkeling and shark diving activities are also provided.

Things to do in Dubai 13. Arab Tower

Burj Al-Arab is the tallest hotel in the world, 321 meters high on its own artificial island on the Dubai coastline. The design resembles a billowing dhow, and the exterior of the building is illuminated at night by carefully arranged colored lights. Burj Al-Arab is doing its best to be one of the most expensive hotels in the world, with the most luxurious suites costing more than $15,000 a night.

For those without unlimited credit, the way to experience top luxury is to have dinner at the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant , and floor-to-ceiling glass panels on the walls of the restaurant allow you to admire marine life, you can dine, or you can eat in California style Enjoy lunch in the fusion restaurant Scape . To enjoy the ultimate panoramic view of the city, please order afternoon tea at the Skyview bar on the 27th floor (minimum consumption requirement).

Things to do in Dubai 14. Jumeirah Beach

This white and happy beach is the number one destination for tourists in Dubai. All along the hotel, this is one of the most popular places to stay. The beach has excellent facilities, with plenty of sun loungers, restaurants and water sports operators, and jet skiing.

While in the area, you can wipe off the sand for an hour and then visit Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Sheef , just a short distance from the beach. Built in 1955, this is the summer house of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al-Maktoum. The house is made of plaster and coral blocks, has been restored, and retains many original beautiful decorations, so that you can better understand the luxurious lifestyle of the rulers of Dubai. The parliamentary garden has an impressive Arabic irrigation system and the reproduction of many shady date palms.

Things to do in Dubai 15. Russ Al Hall Wildlife Sanctuary

You don’t have to be too far from the skyscraper to absorb the more natural scenery. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary combines mangroves and wetlands on Dubai Creek. This is an important transit point on the migration route and a great place to watch flamingos in winter. These majestic pink birds cross the lagoon in flocks, with tall buildings in the background. Various leathers have been installed in the main attractions in the park, so that bird watchers can enjoy the beauty of the birds.

Things to do in Dubai 16. Civilization Crossroads Museum

The museum explores the historical position of the United Arab Emirates as a trading center between Asia, Africa and Europe, and oil has long become the most important industry in the region. The exhibition is located in the old mansion of Sheikh Hashr bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, a member of the ruling family members of Dubai. Its collection traces the history of the coastal area and As part of the global trade route, cultural relics and manuscripts were displayed. There is also a museum of rare books and manuscripts and a small armory museum .

Things to do in Dubai 17. Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of Emirates is one of the most famous shopping centers in the city, with its spectacular (surrealistic) Dubai Ski Resort . The indoor ski area is equipped with chair lifts and penguin fences, all of which are conducted at a continuous temperature of -4 degrees Celsius. There is also a cinema and a family entertainment center, which has many amusement facilities for large and small amusement facilities. The opportunities for shopping are unlimited, as are the dietary options, which can provide a variety of imaginable world cuisines.

Things to do in Dubai 18. IMG Adventure World

Located near the Global Village, this theme park is the best place for immersive entertainment, and it is stimulating and overflowing for both children and older children. One of the areas is completely focused on Marvel’s iconic characters; the other is a dinosaur-themed ride; there is also an area at the helm of the cartoon network, which provides more comfortable rides and activities for younger children. All ages have a suitable life. Whether you want to help the Avengers fight Ultron, or deceive yourself in a haunted house, or join Spider-Man when Spider-Man crosses the city, this is for families who want to spend a happy time. heaven.

Things to do in Dubai 19. Dubai Opera House

For night attractions, nothing more. Dubai’s first-class new Opera House opened in mid-2016 and is the core of Dubai’s downtown waterfront opera district, and will become Dubai’s main cultural center and major entertainment venue. The Dubai Opera House hosts famous musicals, concerts of world-class musicians, opera, ballet and classical music, as well as smaller works, comedy nights and concerts throughout the year.

The 2,000-seat theater building itself is a stunning architectural essence and one of Dubai’s new landmarks. Its highly contemporary glass and steel walls stand out on the waterfront, similar to the curve of a traditional dhow.

Things to do in Dubai 20. Kite Beach

Jumeirah beach ( Jumeirah Beach) south of this long white sand beach, is not only a top priority for sunbathers, they want to spend a lazy day in the sun and swimming absorbed on the beach. Kite Beach is known as the preferred destination for kite surfers in Dubai and is the hometown of many water sports operators. Here you can do water kite surfing, or try standing and standing water skiing, and easily arrange equipment rental and lessons on the beach.

Things to do in Dubai 21. Alsal Art District

Part of the old industrial area of Al Quoz, centered on Alserkal Street , has been rebuilt to become Dubai’s main art center and home to some of the city’s most important contemporary art galleries. Well-known gallery names such as Green Art Gallery , The Third Line and Ayyam Gallery have all settled here , and many smaller gallery startups have also moved in. Major artists, as well as highlighting new talents in the Middle East.

This emerging region is also home to local designers, fast-food restaurants and cafes where fashion and boutiques live. It showcases the city’s vibrant and youthful buzz, often known for its corporate image.

Things to do in Dubai 22. Dubai Parks and Resorts

In Dubai parks and resorts, all your entertainment needs come together in one location. The only problem here is choosing what you want to do. This huge project combines a lot of world-class theme parks to provide you with something for everyone of any age. Motiongate ‘s theme comes from Hollywood movies, with the blockbuster movies as the background. Bollywood Parks (Bollywood Parks) has brought a new look to the world of India’s famous film industry. And Legoland Dubai and Legoland provide a fun-filled day with its interactive rides, water slides for young tourists, and wave pools.

The Dubai Creek Bank Dining Centre attached to the area means you don’t have to leave after exhausting after sightseeing in the theme park, as there are many evening entertainments here.

Things to do in Dubai 23. Water Adventure Park

The water park, located at the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Island -Dubai’s famous artificial island development-is a good place to cool down after a few days of shopping and sightseeing. The water skiing here is very good, with a world-class level, including Aquaconda, the world’s longest waterslide. A 9-story slide, appropriately named “Leap of Faith”; and the water coaster. There are also underwater adventures using Sea TREK helmets. A dedicated play area for children with slides; when all your energy is used up, you can sweep 700 meters of white sand beach.

Things to do in Dubai 24. Dubai Miracle Garden

This is the most beautiful garden ever. Dubai is not satisfied with the construction of the world’s largest buildings and shopping centers, but has created the world’s largest garden, covering an area of ​​2,000 square meters, with 100 million flowers. From three-way English cabins to windmills and trucks, flowers are everywhere. There is even a flower version of Burj Khalifa. Stroll the sidewalk and enjoy the colorful colors and quirky flower exhibitions.

Things to do in Dubai 25. Dubai Butterfly Garden

Spend an afternoon here, fleeing the city’s skyscrapers. For a piece of nature, this huge butterfly garden cannot be defeated, and about 15,000 butterflies flutter under the dome. This is an excellent opportunity for children, because they often fall on the shoulders and hands of tourists, so they can admire butterflies at close range. There is also a museum with a lot of information about butterfly species, their habitat and life cycle.

Where to go sightseeing in Dubai

For easy access to Dubai’s top tourist attractions, the best place to stay is in Dubai city centre . Major nearby attractions include Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest landmark; Dubai Mall; and Dubai Fountain. In this vibrant area, you will also find many shops, restaurants and art galleries. If you are looking for sun, sand and sea, Jumeirah Beach ( Jumeirah Beach) from the Burj Khalifa (Burj Khalifa) for about 15 minutes, is also a popular base for tourists. Here are some highly-rated hotels for exploring the city in a convenient and central location :

Luxury Hotels:

Downtown Dubai Hotel combines luxury with convenient location, within walking distance of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain and Souk Al Bahar. Also in the center of Dubai, the Armani Hotel is located in the Burj Khalifa itself, attracting guests with a refined and elegant atmosphere. For those looking for luxury on the water, the exquisite sailboat-shaped Arabian Jumeirah Sailing Hotel is a symbol of Dubai and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Mid-Range Hotels:

Ramada Downtown Dubai is just a 10-minute walk from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. It is a popular mid-range hotel with a modern arabesque design boutique Manzi Downtown Dubai Hotel is also very popular. Sofitel Dubai on Jumeirah Beach is about a 12-minute drive from Burj Khalifa. It is located on Dubai’s most famous promenade, The Walk, opposite the waterfront “Recreation Area” ( The Beach), which is full of shops and restaurants.

Budget Hotel:

If you are looking for a wallet, then a popular budget hotel option is the Ibis Mall in the UAE, which is next to the Dubai Ski Resort at its shopping mall of the same name. It is also close to the subway station, and you can drive to Burj Khalifa in 13 minutes. Ibis Al Rigga is also near the subway station and closer to the international airport. If you are looking for a more historical sense, XVA Art Hotel can provide you with value-for-money accommodation in the heart of Bastakia (Old Dubai).

Activities with children in Dubai

In addition to the many theme parks in Dubai, staying in this city can also participate in many more active activities. There are many desert trips , if you want children to enjoy more natural scenery, you can go outside the skyscrapers. Many trips include sand boarding or camel riding .

In order to stick to the coast, beaches and resorts provide kayak rentals and other bundled water sports , so that children can consume some energy at sea. For those who like to have some fun in the hot weather, the indoor ski trails in the Mall of the Emirates are unmatched.

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