19 marketing techniques and cases about human nature, practical!

Author: Xiuying

Since working in the industry for 12 years, I have always had one thing that I don’t particularly like, that is, being asked “Can you give me a useful marketing technique?”

One is because this thing is so different from person to person and from business to business. Promotional skills that are suitable for others may not be suitable for you. Promotional skills that worked well in the past may not work well now, and promotion skills that work well today may not be available to you.

The second is that people who ask directly like this when they come up, generally have a heavy “opportunity” mentality, and tell him that he can’t do well.

Most annoying thing is that I didn’t introduce my specific situation, my business, field and current situation. The opening remarks were: “Teacher, are there any low-cost promotion and marketing techniques? Recommend me.”~ It makes me scratch my hair every time.

I didn’t want to write this kind of article, but I usually ask more people, so I simply write 19 marketing cases about human nature, because marketing = science + human nature, as long as you thoroughly research these “19 personal marketing” cases, you What channels are used to promote is the second step.

19 Marketing Techniques

1. Retina effect

Talking about human nature is “lazy” and “stupid”, you will be more impressed with what you can always see.

Marketing Techniques Case:

Why is it best to give a brand mascot doll or keychain as a shopping gift? Because it allows customers to see it at any time and impress you.

2. Herd effect

It refers to individuals who are influenced by the group to doubt and change their views in order to be consistent with others. This is what everyone calls “follow the trend”.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Why is it not stopped after repeated bans? Not only because you can report activities on natural search, but also because customers can see high sales and place orders from the crowd. Why do so many online celebrity shops line up when they open? Why do we like to eat in a crowded restaurant?

3. Matthew effect

The herd effect makes customers decisively place orders because they see high sales. What else? There is also the “Matthew effect”: human nature is “lazy”, so you think that the strong must become stronger and the weak must become weaker, so you have to prove that you are the strong and let customers follow blindly.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

The top 9 common endorsements should be familiar to you, right?

Data endorsement: Why do those who brush and repaint the data?

Word-of-mouth endorsement: When you see your brand, most of the audience’s first reaction is to go to Baidu to read the search results, because the audience is blindly following word-of-mouth, so ~~~

We media endorsement: In these years, without an official We media, the audience will feel that you are out of control.

The founder’s endorsement: the so-called halo effect, there are great founders, and the brands and products are not much different.

Employee endorsement: the so-called halo effect, there are awesome employees, brand products~~~~

Company endorsement: The so-called Aiwu and Wu, there is a kind of interesting company, the products are not much different.

Brand endorsement: Let your brand be the first in a certain field, and let the audience only remember you through the first cause effect.

Offline endorsement: The strength and reputation of the offline store brand is not much different.

Daren endorsement: The audience is blindly following authority, so ~~~

4. The Bridan donkey effect

The so-called Bridan donkey effect means that human nature is both “greedy” and “stupid”-like a donkey looking at several piles of hay, there are too many choices but not knowing how to choose.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

When you don’t know how to display your brand and products online, it’s just like Weilong Spicy Tiao imitating Apple’s “minimalist” pages and copywriting.

5. The law of power expansion

It is human nature “greedy” and “pretend”. Everyone wants to be the protagonist, so let him be the protagonist.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Why did Pechoin’s event marketing “Choose Pechoin, more beautiful than Huang Yongling” before?

Because of the proposition that everyone is a celebrity, customers are allowed to take their own roles unconsciously.

6. Scarcity

It is about human nature’s “greed”, especially the inability to resist rare things.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

  • Nike launched a limited edition of Jordan 13th-generation retro low-top shoes, attracting hundreds of consumers to queue up.
  • In the Tokyo store of the British skateboard brand Silas & Maria, consumers can only enter 20 people at a time. Others need to stand outside the door behind a rope pulled by the staff and wait. After the previous batch of shoppers leave, the products on the shelves will be replaced. Consumers are not only not upset by queuing, but rather enjoy it.

7. Forbidden fruit effect

It’s about “pretending” of human nature, so the less you let it, the more you do. The more prohibited things, the more people want to get hands.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Lei Jun released a new mobile phone. After the release, the common people took a look, wow, this phone is so beautiful and beautiful. I want to order one. It is very troublesome to make a reservation. I have to grab it. I did not grab it today. I did not grab it tomorrow. I haven’t grabbed it yet, so I mobilized my friends to grab it together.

8.Impression finishing

It’s human nature “lazy”, and people can’t make any difference if they feel good-looking-so you have to show the other person the most beautiful appearance.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Look at the three squirrels, Handu clothing store, Apple mobile phone, hammer mobile phone, etc. in today’s brands. A lot of work has been done on the display page and product packaging. The purpose is to make you recognize it at first sight, no matter Online or offline.

9. Follow authority blindly

It is human nature “lazy” and “pretending”, so blindly follow authoritative recommendations.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

“Recommended by a tertiary hospital: **Brand acne facial cleanser is better to use”

“Recommended by a well-known nutritionist: **Milk powder is better for babies”

“Recommended by a professional fitness coach: ** Protein powder can make muscles soar”

10. Sensory coordination

It’s because human nature is “stupid” and “greedy.” The more you use the other’s senses, the deeper the other’s memory, the stronger the goodwill.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Just like Burger King’s hot sauce fries, it’s so spicy that it’s almost burning, and it uses visual synesthesia.

11.Brown’s Law

Talking about the “stupid” of human nature, when you unlock the other person’s heart, you will believe everything.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

The so-called value chain differentiation is to focus on one or two experience details so that customers can feel that their money is worthwhile. It does not need to be comprehensive.

For example, the formula of Diaoye beef brisket is 5 million, such as the elephant condom with one hand to open the front and back of the second minute, such as the Vertu mobile phone comes with a dedicated customer service button…

12. Gambler psychology

The so-called gambler psychology refers to the “stupid” and “greedy” human nature, and they all believe in small probability events and think they are lucky.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

NetEase’s one-yuan treasure deceives countless dicks—for example, if you want to buy an iPhone SE for 3,000 yuan, you can get a 1/3,000 chance of winning as long as you pay 1 yuan. Who will benefit in the end?

13. First cause effect

It is because human nature is “stupid”, and everyone will never forget the first time.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

The blue bottle must be good?

It must be more professional to just look at andrology?

Will the combination of Chinese and Western medicine be effective?

Because they all put forward “unique selling propositions” that competitors cannot or have not put forward.

14. Free psychology

We are talking about “greed” of human nature, and everyone wants to get it without paying.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Just like McDonald’s “Sakura Cone”-when you receive a push from Baidu Maps, run to McDonald’s within the specified time and receive a cherry blossom cone for 0 yuan for free.

It seems to be free, but in fact, you need to install Baidu Maps (work) and know where the McDonald’s store is (work). Most of you will show off the cone you grabbed (spread)…

15. Prospect theory

It’s human nature “greedy”, so if you pay, you want to make sure you don’t lose money and avoid investment risks and income risks.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Go to the Hammer mobile phone conference. Why does the Hammer mobile phone list more than 10 advantages? It makes you feel that you can enjoy so many advantages at such a cheap price.

16. Overdraft consumer psychology

It’s human nature’s “greedy”, spending the money in the future is cheaper than spending the money now.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

For example, for a technical course, 36 lessons per year are 3333 yuan; if in installments, it is 277 yuan per month.

17. Mental accounts

It is about human nature’s “greed”, spending labor income frugally, and spending unexpected wealth on extravagance.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

How to send promotional text messages best? There are large threshold (for example, over 200-50) limited time coupons sent with promotional text messages, so that customers feel that if they are cheaper, they are losing money.

18. Visible goal law

It is about human nature’s “greed”. Compared with the long-term big interests, people love the short-term small interests more.

Marketing Techniques and Case:

Yu’ebao is competing for diaosi storage users and announces its daily income (it’s cool to watch it, it’s cool to watch it every day, and it’s always cool to watch it all the time).

19. Exclusive incentive principle

It is said that human nature is “greedy” and “” pretending to be more valuable. ——If you give me the same as others, I don’t want it

Marketing Techniques and Case:

In 2013, I made a custom bottle of Vitamin Beverage by Coca-Cola “Kuleshi” on Weibo. I literally participated in it once, and later I posted it to Moments to show off, and I haven’t drunk the bottle of water until now… Humanity~

Because marketing = science + human nature, your marketing will be invincible by studying human nature

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