11 people killed in Nigerian local government convoy attacked by extremist groups

Nigerian police said on the 26th that militants from the extremist organization Boko Haram attacked the local government in Borno State in the northeast of the country on the 25th. The convoy caused 11 deaths.

The police said that the Borno state government convoy, escorted by police and security personnel, was attacked by “Boko Haram” militants on its way to Baga on the 25th. 8 policemen and 3 security personnel were killed and 13 others were killed. Injured to varying degrees.

According to local media reports, in addition to causing casualties, militants also robbed police armored vehicles and vehicles of local government officials.

“Boko Haram” has been frequently seen in northeastern Nigeria over the past ten years since its establishment, and has posed security threats to neighboring countries such as Chad, Niger, and Cameroon.

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